Are there any limits on location?


Yes and no.  Don’t Forget the Champagne is located just south of Denver. While we are certainly open to the idea of helping you plan a wedding anywhere, we do charge travel fees for weddings and meetings more than 50 miles from Parker, Colorado.  If you have questions about what that would look like for your particular wedding, send us an email at



Do we need to be in a certain stage of the wedding planning process?


We would love to help you through as much of the wedding planning process as possible.  While it’s totally fine if you have already booked your venue and a couple of vendors, we would also love to help you get started from the very beginning.  The package we are giving away is our full-service package which includes everything from venue selection to day-of timeline creation. However, if you’re nearly done with planning, this giveaway probably isn’t for you.  



Are there any limitations on budgets or guest counts?


One of DFTC’s core beliefs is that you don’t need a big budget to have a beautiful wedding.  We are open to working with couples with budgets of every size!  As far as guest counts go, we want to showcase a diverse range of weddings.  We’d love to have you apply whether your guest count is just you and your spouse for an intimate mountain top elopement or a huge wedding for 500 guests (or anywhere in between).  



What about COVID-19?


COVID-19 has created a lot of challenges for events this year and will probably continue to do so in the near future.  I cannot see the future, so I don’t know what the next months hold for event regulations.  DFTC will only work with couples whose’s weddings comply with state regulations.  We know getting married during this time creates additional challenges and we are looking forward to helping you find creative solutions to make your event work.  


If for some reason (Corona related or otherwise) your event is delayed to a later date, we will do everything we can to make your new date work.  However, we cannot guarantee we will be available for your rescheduled date.  



Why are you giving this away for free?  Seems suspicious… 


The short answer is Corona.  COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the events industry since events were impossible for many months and are still pretty significantly limited.  The wedding industry is certainly no exception!  I think this has been a difficult time for both wedding vendors and couples alike.  It’s been particularly hard a new business during these times.  However, this allowed me to have more time available to work with more couples!  I know this has also been a difficult time for couples.  I wanted to give away these three planning packages to help ease some of the stress that comes with planning a wedding, especially as things are constantly changing and the future is unsure.  


Another one of my goals with giving away these planning packages is to share the processes across my social media platforms and the blog.  About 70% of couples don’t hire a wedding planner, so I want my social media platforms to be not only a way to advertise to my potential clients but also serve as a resource for brides who aren’t hiring a planner.  There are so many amazing wedding blogs that share beautiful images of $100,000 weddings, but there are much fewer resources that show all the behind-the-scenes work of creating budgets, timelines, and planning details.  I want to showcase what real wedding planning looks like through sharing the process of these weddings.  


What will the social media sharing look like? 


It will probably look different for every couple.  I want to make sure that the priority is making sure you get your ideal wedding day, while only sharing what you feel comfortable sharing.  However, I will be sharing specifics like timelines, mood boards, and budgets, as well as photos from the planning process and your wedding day.  I will not share personal details like your names and faces unless you are comfortable with that being shared.  We can also discuss and agree on a timeline for sharing.  You don’t want your invitation suite shared until after all guests have received their invitations, we can do that.  You don’t want any images of your wedding day shared on DFTC’s platforms before you have a chance to post on your social media, we can make that happen.  Again, our priority is making your wedding day a success and making sure you are comfortable with what is being shared.  


If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me at



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