10 Ideas for Grand Exits

Grand exits can be some of the most memorable moments of a wedding. It certainly creates a fairytale moment as you and your spouse exit into happily ever after. They also make for great photos!

You can choose to make this moment as you leave your ceremony or your reception (or both)! Different venues will have different rules about what you can and cannot use, so make sure to check with your venue before order 50 pounds of confetti. Here are some ideas on different exit ideas:

Image Sources: Confetti // Flower Petals

Confetti- Confetti is one of my favorite exits! There are a huge variety of confetti types depending on what look are going for. Metallic confetti mixes (especially those with a lot of sequins) reflect the light well and tend to create a more glamorous feel. They also photograph well in a lower light environment since they reflect any light that is present. Tissue paper confetti is much lighter and tends to float to the ground and can be purchased (or made) in any color scheme. Biodegradable confetti can also be an option if your are doing your exit outside and want an easier clean-up!

Flower petals- Flower petals are such a classic and romantic choice for a reason! They certainly create a Cinderella moment as they float down. You’re florist can help you source petals or there are great options online! However, many venues have been moving away from allowing flower petals since they can be difficult to clean up and can stain if crushed, so make sure to check with your venue before you make any plans.

Image Sources: Dried Flowers // Leaves // Bubbles

Dried Flowers- I have never worked with dried flowers as a wedding day exit, but it seems to be growing trend. It creates an affect similar to confetti, but is completely biodegradable. It’s certainly something to look into if you want to have a green wedding.

Leaves- This is another great plant-based option. This trend has been all over Pinterest lately and would make a great option for a fall wedding. You can either whole leaves or punch out shapes from the leaves to make a more traditional confetti. While the punches are cute, do plan on this DIY taking a while! Which every way you choose, try to plan on preparing your leaves within a couple days of your wedding, so your leaves stay fresh and don't start to crumble!

Bubbles- Bubbles are an easy, fun, and affordable option. It’s a perfect option for an outdoor summer wedding to add a little whimsy and interest to your exit. With bubbles you have two main options, you can either pass out little tubes of bubbles to guests or you can use a bubble machine, or a combination of the two. Passing out tubes, will help guests feel involved and allow them to participate in your celebration, but a bubble machine will give you more bubbles and a more dramatic look.

Image Sources: Ribbon Wands // Popcorn

Ribbon Wands- Ribbon wands are the perfect solution for the venue that prohibits anything being thrown. They look amazing in photos! You can shop lots of options on Etsy or can DIY your own.

Popcorn- Another trend we’ve seen on the internet is popcorn! In the quest to create something eco-friendly, this fluffy alternative to rice was created. It’s a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding since it shouldn’t hurt any animals who decide to take a nibble. Make sure it is air-popped popcorn without any oil or salt, so you aren't oil staining all your guests clothes!

Image Sources: Glow Sticks // Silly String // Smoke Bombs

Silly String- If you are looking for a fun and maybe a little over the top option for your exit, think about silly string. It is definitely a messy option, but it’s designed to be easy to be cleaned-up. Most silly string shouldn’t stain fabric, but you’ll want to test out the brand you are planning to use to make sure it doesn’t stain or stick too terribly.

Smoke Bombs- If you love color and drama, smoke bombs may be the way to go for your grand exit. They do contain an explosive (in order to create that colored smoke), so you'll need to check with your venue to see if you are allow to use them. Additionally, you'll want to make sure they are set off a safe distance from guests. Similar to silly string, you'll want to test and make sure the brand you want to use won't stain. This article has a lot of great tips on how to use smoke bombs safely and successfully!

Glow Sticks- Glow sticks are a great alternative to sparklers. They are permitted at almost all venues (since unlike sparkler, there is no fire hazard) and create a bright and colorful exit. The do give off significantly less light than sparklers, so make sure your photographer has either worked with glow sticks before or feels confident is his ability to capture you in such a low light setting. This article shares some great tips on how to make a glow stick exit photograph well.

If you have decided to add a little something extra to your wedding exit there are a couple things you’ll need to do to make it a success. First, make sure all your guests get whatever they need. There should be signs with clear instructions on what to take and when! It might also be a good idea to have a person making sure all your guests grab a glow stick or a cone of confetti. There should also be someone to help you coordinate timing. You want to make no one runs out of confetti before you get that perfect photo. You’ll want to make sure your photographer is ready and that you all are ready before anyone starts throwing or lighting anything.