DIY Candy Apples

I'm resharing a favorite post from a few years ago all about how I created these candy apples you saw featured in the styled shoot from last week. They were a stunning addition to the tablescape. These would be the perfect addition to any fall tablescape or a perfect poison apple for your next Halloween party.

We knew we wanted to add something a little extra to our place setting and we fell in love with making candy apple place cardholders. The Clocktower really lends itself well to a very fairytale-like atmosphere (we were just waiting for the clock to strike midnight) and nothing screams Disney villain like a black candy apple.

I actually used a tutorial from Wanna Bite, which a great resource. I used a slightly different mix of food coloring to get my deep maroon color, but I followed their recipe besides that. I used mostly black gel food coloring, but I also added in a couple of drops of red. If you want a really deep color, you have to get the gel food coloring, but it is pretty easy to find in most craft stores.

Another note is you want to make sure your sticks that you are using to dip your apples are really tight and sturdy. I ended up using skewers to dip my apples and then switched to the branches (using a bit of the candy as glue). It definitely didn't hold as well as just using skewers, but I loved the look!

A couple of warnings:

1- These guys are very fragile! It was November in Colorado, so the temperature from inside my house to my car was enough to crack one of the apples.

2- The more you touch them the less shiny they are. I transported them in a box lined with parchment paper and then used the paper to pick them up and move them (I wouldn't recommend holding them by the stick...bad things happen)

3-They definitely started to fall apart pretty quickly. I made them the night before, and by the end of our shoot (around 4pm) they were a sticky mess.

4- They are gross and hard, so even though they are technically edible and I would highly discourage you from eating them.

Overall, I thought they looked stunning! I can't imagine making this on a large scale, especially since they have to be made day-of, but for a smaller guest list, they are such a unique detail to add to your table.

Photo credit: Autumn Cutaia Photography

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