5 Unique Wedding Favors

5 Unique Wedding Favors Ideas

Not gonna lie, I love getting presents! (It might have something to do with the fact my love language is gifts… ) I’m also super nostalgic and I love having a little piece of a wedding to look back at. The sky is the limit when it comes to wedding favors, so put down those Jordan almonds and find something a little more personal to you as a couple.

Morning After Survival Kit // Wedding Favors

Morning After Kit

We wanted to do something a little cheeky and fun for our favors for the styled shoot we did last fall. Since we created a post-apocalyptic wedding, a “survival kit” was the perfect match. We made a Bloody Mary set with a little can of Bloody Mary Mix and a shooter of vodka. We used a vintage metal lunchbox (that we spray painted a gunmetal) to house the duo.

I’ve also seen “survival kits” with water bottles and Advil or the makings for a mimosa. They are a great way to give your guests something they will actually use and to set a fun tone for your wedding.

Shooter (Tequila)

If your guests are really the partying type, little shooters can be great favors. I assisted at a wedding this year where the escort cards were shooters of tequila with a name slid into a slit in the cork. They served double duty as favors for guests as well!

Charity Tokens

I love the idea of making part of your wedding giving back to a cause that is important you; it is a great way to start out your marriage. While you can always just do donation in lieu of favors and let your guest know via the program or menu, I think it is fun to get your guests involved. I love the idea of each of you picking a favorite charity and then giving guests a little rock or wooden token and having them vote for their choice.


Succulents have been v trendy over the last couple of years. I love the idea of doing little succulents for all your guests in personalized pots. If you are having a larger wedding and getting succulents for everyone isn’t in the budget, seed packets or seed paper are fun alternatives.


Everyone loves a snack! I love the idea of sending guest home with something specific to your vendor or hometown like a little jar of your favorite jam or a local hot sauce or even a couple cookies from a local bakery! If one of you is a wizard in the kitchen, you could make it even more personal and make it yourself.

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