Halloween Hostess Gifts

We hope your upcoming weekend is filled with Halloween parties! Here at DFTC, we love all parties, but Halloween parties may be our favorite (don't tell the other holidays). While your attention may have been focused mostly on creating the perfect costume, don't neglect your party's host. They have put together a frighteningly fabulous evening to remember to give them a treat! Here are 3 of our favorite last minute Halloween hostess gifts.

Easy Pumpkin Bread Recipe // Halloween Tea Towels // Ribbon

This maybe the simplest of our three gift idea. All this requires is a loaf of pumpkin bread and a Halloween tea towel. Just wrap up your totally cooled pumpkin bread (we won't tell if its store bought) in a tea towel and wrap up with a ribbon. If your loaf seems to be on the sticker side and your a little concerned that might stick to the towel, just wrap your loaf up in parchment paper first.

Fake Pumpkin // Good Vinyl Sticker Option

Next up on the gift agenda is a house number pumpkin. I say "house number," but really this pumpkin could be almost anything, I think a monogram or a cute Halloween saying would also be good options. I used a fake pumpkin for this because I wanted it to last from season to season, but you could definitely use real if you were so inclined. If you are adding flowers, you'll need to cut the top off your pumpkin. Then use either floral foam (if you are adding in cut flowers) or soil (if you are planting something). I have some roses pictured, but I also think planting some mums would look amazing!

The key to making this pumpkin look good and not just like you slapped stickers on a pumpkin is using vinyl stickers. These stickers are super thin and will stretch just a bit to form to the ridges of the pumpkin. You can either paint your pumpkin or leave it natural, regardless make sure your pumpkin is completely clean and dry before trying to attach your stickers.

Drink Dispenser // Sangria Recipe

This is by far my favorite of these three gifts! Who doesn't love a good sangria? This sangria can either be brought as a prepared drink or put together in a gift set. To put together as a gift set, start by placing the larger bottles of alcohol in your drink dispenser, then fill the remaining space in the dispenser with fruit. I love College Housewife's Sanderson Sisters Sangria for Halloween, but use your favorite recipe.

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