Wedding Wednesday: Thank you Notes

Gratitude is a great way to start your marriage out right! Thank you notes are not only a necessity to thank people for all the wonderful gifts they gave you to start out your life, but also a great way to look back at all the important people that helped you to make your wedding happen. I've included some of my current favorite wedding thank you notes, as well as some of my do and don'ts for wedding thank yous!

(From Left to Right, Top to Bottom) 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

DO send out notes as soon as you can! Traditional etiquette says, you have a year to get those thank you notes out, but sooner is better than later. Try to send out thank-you notes within a week of getting your gift.

DON’T wait until after your wedding to pick out your thank you note stationery! If you can, order your thank you stationery to arrive before your wedding, so you can start sending notes to the people who sent a gift early. If you are doing custom photo cards with a wedding picture, you’ll want to get those ordered ideally before you go on your honeymoon, so you can start writing those thank you notes as soon as you return. Make sure to let your photographer know that’s the plan and have a pattern picked out. Most photographers will be happy to send you over an option or two within the next couple days, so you can get those thank you cards ordered. Another option is to use some of your engagement photos, rather than wedding day photos.

DO stay organized! Keep a list of all the gifts you received, the gift giver, and whether you’ve sent their thank you note yet. Some couples find it valuable to make an excel sheet with all this information.

DON’T type your thank you notes! It is so much more personal to have a hand written note (even if your handwriting is atrocious).

DON’T mention specific amounts of cash. If someone gifts you money for you wedding, you want to make sure to send a thank you note, but mentioning the specific amount is a little tacky. You can however talk a bit about how you plan to spend the money.

DO make sure to mention any other contributions to your wedding or relationship. Your thank you note should not just be about the physical gift this person brought to your wedding (although of course you should mention that), but also about any contributions to your relationship and wedding in general. Were they extraordinarily welcoming when you first introduced your significant other to your family? Did they keep the dance floor moving with their joy and energy? Mention that as well!

Thank you!

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