Last Minute Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is in a couple days, so its now or never when it comes to picking out what you are planning on bringing to Thanksgiving dinner. I like to follow a few rules when picking something to bring for thanksgiving.

1. It needs to have something special about it. I love a classic, but typically when I'm bringing something for a potluck, I want to bring something that has something a little extra, like a unique flavor or something particularly pretty.

2. It needs to be done mostly at my house! There is nothing worse than the person who needs to dominate a burner or spend an hour in the oven. If your dish needs to warm up in the oven for 15 minutes, that's fine, but it should be pre-cooked.

3. I need to like it! Sometimes I've been inspired to bring recipes to a potluck that I don't really like because I think the crowd I'm serving it to will enjoy it, it's always a mistake. At the end of the night, I have to bring home the leftovers and I'm way more excited to bring home leftover apple pie, than kale salad.

Side Dishes:

Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes: While this recipe is pretty traditional, it's also pretty dang good! I also love the idea of adding something a little extra by subbing in some goat cheese for a bit of the butter.

Gruyere and Gouda Bacon Mac and Cheese: I haven't tried this recipe from College Housewife, but I love a Gouda mac and cheese and this recipe looks amazing! Mac and Cheeses are good recipes for reheating and are always a crowd pleaser!

Cheeseboard: If you are a big fan of actually cooking, a cheeseboard allows you to bring something homemade without actually needing to cook anything. I really like this Emily Schuman guide to creating the perfect cheeseboard.


Apple Tart: This is my go-to recipe for office Thanksgivings! It can be eaten cold and is super impressive. This recipe makes mini tarts, but I typically make one big tart instead. The only thing you need to change is cooking it for 45-60 minutes instead of the recommended 35. Not going to lie, slicing and lining up those apples is a little time-consuming, but the end results are pretty and delicious.

Cranberry Pie Bars: I made this recipe for the first time over the weekend. I love cranberries and this recipe didn't disappoint. The only alternation I made, was instead of crumbling the dough on top of the pie bars, I rolled the dough out and used a cookie cutter to slice stars and layered those on top of the cranberry,

Brown Sugar Pie: I haven't made this recipe before, but I used to make a mean brown sugar pie in college. It's a fairly simple process and the results are delicious! I mean, how can you go wrong with pie whose main ingredient is brown sugar?

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