Anna Wintour Gift Guide

When I think of modern female icons, the first person I think of is Anna Wintour. She is the queen of the fashion industry, ruling from her throne at the head of Vogue. She is known for wearing sunglasses at runway shows, being a very challenging boss, and for her love of color. If I was buying her a gift (and I had no price limit), this is what I would get her.

1. Portrait of Anna Wintour: I have recently fallen in love with Ashley Longshore’s punchy modern pop art. Ashley plays with contemporary fashion and mixes it with politics and historical figures (think Abe Lincoln in pink Gucci frames). She recently redesigned Bergdorf Goodman’s café and collaborated with Gucci. Every queen needs a portrait, and I think this piece would be the perfect addition to Anna’s office.

2. Boss Necklace: While Anna typically sticks with her classic collared statement necklaces, this delicate diamond encrusted boss was too perfect to pass up.

3. Tiffany Cups: These Tiffany & Co. cups are designed to look like paper cups but are actually made from bone china. They have been frequently mocked for their strange design and luxury price tag, but I think they do an excellent job playfully juxtaposing luxury and everyday items.

4. Blush Slippers: These are one of the most affordable items at $150, but they still feel very luxurious with their cashmere and fox fur. After a long day, running the fashion industry, these slippers will be the perfect thing to slip into.

5. Chanel Bag: Anna is best friends with Karl Lagerfeld, so she owns her fair share of Chanel, but this bag is stunning! I’m completely in love with the color!

6. Bee Earrings: Anna certainly prefers a statement necklace over a bold earring, any way of the week. These bee studs are small enough to be hidden by her signature bob but are still chic. The bee earrings are particularly special since she has a daughter named Bee.

7. Pink Floral Hermes Scarf: Hermes scarves are always beautiful and always a great gift. I love this one in particular because it is a little simpler than typical Hermes scarves and the bright pink is stunning.

8. Tory Burch Tennis Bag: Anna loves a good game of tennis. In fact, she starts her mornings off with tennis lessons at 5:45 am! This bag is simple but will add something chic to her favorite hobby.

9. Sunglasses: Anna is notorious for rocking sunglasses to all the runway shows. This pair of Saint Laurent frames are sure to add a little fun to this ongoing tradition.



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