What to Wear to your Office Holiday Party

Tis the season for office Christmas parties! We love any excuse for a party (especially during the holiday season), but office parties can sometimes be a bit more challenging to dress for. You are surrounded by your work colleagues and often your boss, so you want to make sure that you look professional and polished, but you also want to enjoy yourself. Here are a few suggestions for what to wear to your office Christmas party for several different dress codes.

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Cocktail Parties- This dress code is on the dressier side and a great excuse to wear something fun and sparkly. Sequins are one of my personal favorites for the holiday season, and a cocktail party is a perfect occasion to wear them. If sequins are a little bold for your taste, I think choosing a red or green dress is a great way to embrace the festive aspect of this season.

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Business Casual- If your holiday party dress code is in the business casual vicinity or something immediately following the usual workday than here are some pieces I think could make that transition well. I like the idea of selecting a more traditional business silhouette in a red or green or adding a bold white blazer to a simpler outfit.

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Sweaters!- If your party is going to be on the very casual end of the spectrum. I love a good sweater! While you could certainly go the more traditional Christmas sweater, I love selecting a sweater that you can wear a little more regularly. I especially love sweaters with little extra details, like bows or metallics.

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