Oprah Gift Guide

1. And Still I Rise Tee: Oprah, like the rest of us, loved Maya Angelou! We love this Maya Angelou inspired t-shirt that reminds us to rise!

2. Gratitude Journal: The best way to get all the good vibes is to start your day with gratitude. There are a ton of gratitude journals out there, but I especially love this one from Erin Condren.

3. Tree Necklace: If you haven't heard Oprah's tree story do yourself a favor and watch it immediately (here is the extended version and here is the short version.)

4. Self Love Pencils: These pencils are the perfect little reminder to love yourself in small everyday ways!

5. "Have Courage & Be Kind" Bangle: Another little reminder to be brave and kind to other. Who among couldn't use that reminder?=

6. Bread Warming Basket: If you know anything about Oprah, you know she loves bread (me too). This bread warming basket is awesome for 2 reasons. First, because it will keep a loaf of bread warm for a whole meal and there is nothing better than warm bread. And also because it empowers women in Bangladesh, where the basket is handmade.

7. Girl Power Candle: Another gift that gives back! This candle is super cute, and with every purchase, you help support female refugees in the United States!

8. "A New Day..." Print: A classic Oprah quote.

9. Small Pleasure Cards: This cards from our fav, Gwennie P. serve to remind you of the little things that make life great.

10. Basket: Another item from Lauren Conrad's Little Market. Oprah needs this basket for her kale harvests! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to follow Oprah on Instagram.



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