Joanna Gaines Gift Guide

Today's gift guide is for our favorite shiplap queen, Joanna Gaines. I love Fixer Upper, and I think that Joanna's modern farmhouse style of interior design is a perfect blend of cozy and beautiful. Not only does she have a lovely sense of style, but Joanna (along with her husband Chip) has turned her HGTV success into a vast empire with a line at Target and a whole complex in Waco, and now they are starting a TV network (if they're looking for someone to do a wedding/event show, I'd be happy to help).

1. Vintage Stationwagon Christmas Pillow: I love the vintage red and white style of Christmas decor. I think it pairs really nicely with modern farmhouse design and is super cute and festive.

2. Texas Print: If you know anything about Chip & Jojo than you know they love their home state of Texas. I love this print because it keeps things sweet and simple with the black and white sketched florals.

3. House Cookie Jar: I love cookie jars! I think they add such a welcoming and homey detail to any kitchen. This house cookie jar keeps things clean by being mostly white with a pop of red for the door.

4. Metal Wreath: The mix of the metal with the organic shape of the leaves looks both traditional and current, which is precisely the vibe of most of Joanna's projects.

5. Concrete Ampersand: I would absolutely love to add this concrete ampersand to my bookshelf! Ampersands are such unique shapes, and the mixed material adds a lot of texture.

6. Homesick Candle: While I have never actually tried one of these homesick candles, I really love the idea of a candle that smells like your home. Smell is one of the most potent connectors to memory, so a candle that smells like your home is bound to make you feel a little nostalgic.

7. Homebody: Okay, okay, I've done it again. Would I actually get Joanna her own book? No, but I'd like a copy, so I'm slipping it in here for myself.

8. Galvanized metal 3-tiered stand: I love how rustic the metal feels and how it would add a nice dose of some texture to a more modern kitchen.

9. Birch Branch Candle Holder: I'm a sucker for a long and low candle holder. It adds something unique to the center of the table without blocking anyone's view across the table. This would be a great everyday centerpiece.

10. Knit Blanket: A cozy blanket is always a great gift idea!

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