Taylor Swift Gift Guide

I love Taylor Swift. I have been a fan of Taylor's since I was 14 and I heard Our Song for the first time. Not only does Taylor Swift create some of my favorite music she is also a badass business lady with love for baking and cats. These are the kind of things I'd give her, if I had the opportunity to give her a present.

1. Cat playing cards: Taylor Swift loves her two cats, Olivia and Meredith and I feel like she'd appreciate these playing card.

2. A Cat Spoon Rest: This spoon rest is adorable and perfect for Tay who loves baking!

3. Unicorn Sprinkles: I love these sprinkles that include unicorns and rainbows! Unique sprinkles make great gifts for bakers because it is an item they might not think to get for themselves but can add a dash of fun to any project they are working on.

4. Feline Bossy notepad: I couldn't pass up this pun or this illustration of an awkwardly stretched out cat. I'm sure Taylor needs somewhere to write out ideas for her next big hit..


5. Babe mug: I love this mug for Taylor because it reminds me of the song she did with Sugarland (Babe), which is such a bop. Also, I love this millennial pink color!

6. Cat Measuring Cups: More cats and baking for Miss Swift!

7. Cat Oil Diffuser: I mostly added this to my Swift gift guide because this cat looks strikingly like Olivia (okay, maybe it's just me...) and this is one of Olivia's signature poses (the prairie dog).

8. Cat Lady pin: We stan a proud cat lady!

9. "I Got it From My Mama" Sweater: Taylor love her mom, Andrea Swift, and I feel like Taylor would love this sweater. Here's to her mama who had to listen to all this drama!



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