Mindy Kaling Gift Guide

Mindy Kaling is one of my favorite people. Not that I actually know her, but I loved her TV show The Mindy Project and both of her books. She is an incredibly hardworking and talented lady (and new mom)! I also absolutely love her colorful sense of style. While clothes can be a tough gift, I like the idea of gifting some colorful accessories to this colorful lady (or any other color lovers in your life).

1. Rainbow Necklace: I love a good statement necklace. This one isn't too over the top large but still is fun with its rainbow of colors.

2.Foxy Gloves: I love Kate Spade's more whimsical accessories. They are always beautifully done, but I think they add a little dose of humor to an outfit.

3. Rainbow Bracelets: These bracelets are a little more toned down than the majority of the accessories in this gift guide, but I love the pop of rainbow in an otherwise simple piece.

4. Confetti Clutch: I love a dose of confetti, and this clutch would undoubtedly bring the party to any outfit.

5. Pink Wallet: What better to put into your confetti clutch than a place to store your mimosa money? I don't think Mindy has much time for mimosas, but it's the thought that counts, right?

6. Flamingo earrings: These earrings are ridiculous, but I love them. They are charmingly obnoxious and would make an otherwise dull outfit something special.

7. Lemon Earrings: Only slightly more subtle than the flamingos are these lemon earrings. The yellow is a bright pop of color, but the silhouette is a little more subdued for a more wearable piece.

8. Statement Necklace (Part 2): Another fun statement necklace. This one is a little less blingy, trading the heart-shaped stones, for more opaque versions in blues and pinks.

9. Green Tassel Earrings: These statement earrings are much more classic and elegant than the earlier mentions on the list. We love a good jewel tone.

10. Acrylic Hoops: The final pair of statement earrings for this gift guide are these purple and blue marbled acrylic hoops. These are very on trend for 2019 and are a little more geometric than the other options on this list.

11. Blue Velvet Clutch: Another clutch! This one is a little more formal with velet and a gorgeous blue jewel tone color.



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