Brit Morin Gift Guide

Brit Morin is the founder of Brit+Co a millennial media company that is focused on modern makers. Brit has a strong passion for encouraging women to pursue their passions, get creative, and become leaders. Brit's gift guide focuses on gifts that encourage creativity and creations.

1. Lip Balm Making Kit- This kit will make a lip glosses that are a little more high quality than the ones you made with Kool-aid for your 12th birthday (or was that just me). These lip balms are entirely vegan and full of nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and vitamin E.

2. DIY Weaving Kit- This kit gives you everything you need to get started on your dream wall hanging!

3. Life Planner- Brit has a lot on her plate with running a large company and being a mom to 2 young boys. Paper planners are the perfect way to keep track of everything that needs to get done and also gives you a little space to get creative with it.

4. Sprinkles- This year, Brit has been doing challenges every week. Some weeks she's been facing her fears, other weeks she has been doing yoga every day or wearing crazy makeup looks. One week she decided to try to learn how to decorate cakes! This cute set of sprinkles would be sure to add some fun to future baking projects.

5. Space Embroidery- One of Brit's passions is encouraging girls to pursue STEM. This space embroidery includes a little nod to her passion for science and engineering, as well as her love for creativity.

6. Candle Making Kit- This candle making kit makes three lavender candles. It's a gift that keeps on giving because those candles would make a great gift for someone else!

7. Gingerbread House Set- Unlike many sets, this set doesn't come with prebaked house pieces but instead gives all of the cookie cutters and icing tips you'll need to DIY your own house. This set is perfect for the more advanced cookie crafter!



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