Balloons for Grown-ups

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

My instagram saved photos have recently been filling up with stunning balloon party décor. Usually, when I think balloons I think clowns or a six year old’s birthday party, but these amazing balloon artists make pieces that are impactful and beautiful. Scroll through to a few of the ways to make sure that your balloons at your next party looks like they were made for adults.

TL;DR: Add texture with lettering, greenery, and diverse sizes and pick a color palette that wouldn’t be found at a superhero or princess party. Balloons are cool.

Sophisticated Color Palette: The biggest thing that make your balloons look a little more appropriate for the 18+ crowd is choosing balloons in a more grown-up selection of colors. Avoid mixing too many primary colors or any other mix of bright colors and instead select balloons in rich jewel tones or classic neutrals. Another option is to pick balloons in a few shades of one color!

Lettering: A fun way to incorporate balloons into your next party is by using them in place of a sign or as place cards. Adding lettering to a balloon makes it a little more interesting than your usual balloons and makes a statement.

Greenery: One of my favorite new trends is mixing greenery into your balloon statement pieces. Balloon arches are a great way to add color (and balloons) to your party and mixing in greenery adds nice texture. Adding greenery or even flowers can also add a lot of dimension to a table garland where balloons make up the bulk of the garland.

Size: One of the things that can make a typical balloon bunch look a little flat is when all the balloons are the same size. Adding some variation in size if you are grouping multiple balloons together will make the piece look more like you intentionally designed it rather than just grabbing a bunch of balloons at Party City.


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