The 12-Month Wedding Planning Timeline

Wedding is planning is a lot. There are 10 million and a half things you need to get done over the course of a year-ish. The timeline over that period is full of a lot tasks that need to be done on a weirdly specific timeline. There are busy periods where everyone needs to hear from you immediately and lulls where you don't need to do much for a couple of months. But you don't want to forget something crucial!

While everyone's wedding is different this 12 month timeline gives you a overview of the main tasks in most weddings and approximately when they should get done. I tried to include as many things as possible directly related to the event itself, but left off tangential to-dos like honeymoon planning and wedding ring shopping.

Download here --> Ultimate 12-Month Wedding Planning Timeline

I am currently working on an 18-month, 6-month, and 1-month timeline that should be out within the next week or two, if your engagement isn't going to be the standard year.