Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Planning Timelines Part 2

A couple weeks ago I shared my wedding planning timeline based on a 12 month planning period. This is the traditional wedding planning period, but certainly not the only timeline on which you can plan your wedding. I wanted to share what shorter and longer timelines may look like.

First up is an 18 month planning period. This one is almost identical to the 12 month planning period except you can book your venue and some of your other vendors sooner.

Download the 18 Month Timeline

Next is 6 months. I think is timeline may be more common for a lot of couple who get engaged around the holidays and then have early summer wedding. It is a very doable timeline, but you do need to get a few things taken care of pretty quickly after you get engaged.

Download the 6 Month Timeline

The last timeline I put together was for a month. This timeline is crazy! The average wedding takes 400-500 hours to plan, so if you are planning a traditional wedding with a month to plan, wedding planning will need to be your full time job. You almost have to have a wedding planner to help you pull together the details in time.

Download the 1 Month Timeline

Happy Planning!