Potluck Part II: What to Bring?

My Rules for Potluck Recipes

1. Doesn’t need the oven or stove- I know you just need to finish your dish in the oven, but so does literally everyone else. You can’t assume that their will be oven space for your dish. You’re dish should be able to be served room temp or chilled.

2. Doesn’t need special assembly- I strongly believe that you shouldn’t really have to do much to your dish once you arrive. It’s fine to add the dressing to the salad, but you shouldn’t be spending 20 minutes assembling mini sliders at the party.

3. Know your food allergens- You clearly aren’t expected to know the food allergies of everyone in attendance, but just aware of what you are putting in your dish so your in the know if people ask. If you are using a mix or other pre-made item take a picture of the label, so people with allergies can reference it. Nobody wants the party to end in anaphylaxis.

4. Looks pretty- I really feel that at a potluck it is crucial that my dish look pretty. Not only is this more impressive (which TBH is definitely one of my goals), but also ensures that my dish gets eaten. The last thing I want to at the end of the night is haul 80% of my dish home.

5. Can chill at room temperature- While this rule might seen the same as the first rule, it’s actually a little different. I want it to taste good at room temperature, but I also don’t want something that isn’t going to hold up at room temperature. Dishes tend to sit out for several hours at potlucks and the last thing I want is to give everyone food poisoning.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes for potluck dishes:

Homemade Biscuits: There is very little as impressive as homemade bread. These biscuits aren’t too tricky and are easy to tote to a party. The girl who brings the carbs is always a hit.

Tomato Herb Focaccia: Another bread dish, but this one includes cheese, so you get bonus points. This definitely ranks high on the pretty scale as well.

Roasted Veggies: This is one of the simplest things to bring and are always a crowd pleaser! They are delicious, but also give you some veggies (perfect balance for more indulgent dishes). Anytime I’ve brought these to a party, I’ve left with an empty tray.

A Cheeseboard: This a very customizable option that pretty and easy. It requires no cooking from you and can easily be stored at room temperature. Perfect for those pre-dinner munchies!

Arugula, Pear, and Goat Cheese Salad: Salads are often a neglected option at the potluck buffet. Who wants lettuce when mac & cheese and potatoes are an option? No one. But adding sometime special like goat cheese and pear makes it a more appealing option. I also like this salad because Arugula is a heartier green and will last a little longer before wilting once you add the dressing

Queso: I know what you’re saying, queso definitely breaks rules 1 and 5, but the secret to potluck queso is you’ve got to transport it in crockpot. Yes, it’s a little obnoxious, but there are very few things in this world better than chips and queso and I’m sure your host will be willing to spare an outlet for the sake of your melty cheese.

Lemon Bars: For some reason I find brownies are a crowd favorite at potlucks, so lemon bars are the perfect alternative. The acidity can be a nice treat to cut through the fattier foods that tend to dominate potlucks (hello, I clearly watched Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix).

Browned Butter Dark Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies: Chocolate Chip Cookies are my specialty. This version kicks it up with the addition of pretzels. This recipe also makes a great hostess gift for non-potluck parties!

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