Katy Perry Inspired Mood Board: Tropical Mid-Century Modern Wedding

Katy Perry recently got engaged to Orlando Bloom. I love her sense of style and the humor and joy with which she approaches fashion. I imagine she will approach her wedding with a similar sense of fun and wanted to imagine what her wedding might look like.

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The color palette: Katy perry is not afraid of a little color and a bold red seems to be a recent favorite (ie that stunner of an engagement ring). I’m loving this bold poppy red which pairs stunningly with blues and yellows. Of course in order to make those colors a little less overwhelming, we’d also bring in lots of whites and blacks.

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Florals: Brightly colored and bold would the trend for florals as well. No muted tones or soft peonies here! I would definitely include red anemones along with some yellow smaller yellow blooms. We’d also want to include deeper (maybe even waxy) greenery to bring in some tropical vibes and create a good backdrop for the brighter florals.

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Mid-century Modern Vacation: Katy has always had an exaggerated midcentury vibe for a lot her clothes. I’d love to bring some of those details, but modernize them with our color palette. We’ll replace the tangerines and pistachios hues with the bold reds and blues of our color palette. We’ll also add some more tropical touches like lots of greenery to create a vacation vibe.

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Fun Details: I want to add lots of moments of special details to Katy and Orlando’s wedding. One fun touch would be to do place cards as paper dolls. These dolls would serve to both add some whimsy and fun and also to add some personal touches. Another idea would be getting some posters done in that retro style, but featuring Orlando and Katy and important moments from their relationship.

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