Enneagram Gift Guide: Threes

Threes are the Achiever! They have all the dreams and they will achieve them. Sometimes they can get a little wrapped up in other people's opinions versions of their success, but these ladies run the world!

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop- Like their name suggests, type 3s love to achieve new levels of success. Whether her personal achievements are in the office, the gym, or her Netflix account, we love this mantra of continuing to strive for more.

The Subtle Art- The biggest pitfall of being a 3 is being a little too focused on everyone’s perception of you. This book encourages it readers to stop giving an eff about the opinions of others and just doing you.

The Productivity Planner- If you’re trying to take over the world, you’re going to need to stay organize. This planner should help your favorite 3 to make sure that all their efforts are as productive as possible.

Confetti Pens- These pens are a celebration within themselves! Perfect to celebrate the little everyday achievements.

CEO Dish- Beyond just having fun, girls want to be CEOs!

Tassel USB- With as much going on as your typical 3, they are sure to run a little low on battery now and again. This cute tassel keychain is the perfect way to make sure that they can always get a little extra juice!

Enneagram Mug- Even your coffee mug deserves a gold ribbon!

Volcano Candle- This candle is one of the best. Everyone's home deserves to smell like the inside of an Anthropologie!

Professional Professional Shirt- They're going pro at being a professional...

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