Wedding Wednesday: 50 Questions You Should Ask Before You Book Your Venue!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Before you go: During your initial inquiry (either via email or phone) you should have asked most of these basic questions. There’s no point in touring a venue, if it doesn’t meet your basic requirements. You should know how many people the venue can hold, what dates are available, the general cost, and what is included in the rental.


Is a rehearsal the day before included in the rental?

How much time is allotted for the rehearsal?

Can we add on additional time if we want on our wedding day?

What time can my vendors start setting up?

How many events does this venue host on the same day?


How is the payment plan structured?

How much is the initial deposit?

What is your cancellation policy?

Do you have liability insurance?

Is there additional cleaning fee?

When is the last date we could modify our reservation?


Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

Is there a kitchen available for the caterers?

If there isn’t a full kitchen, is there a refrigerator and sink available for the caterers?

Is trash included in my rental or do I need to arrange to have the trash taken?

What is your alcohol policy?

Can we bring in our own wine and beer? Hard alcohol?

Do we have to have a bartender or can we do a self-serve bar?

Do you have any policies about glass and where it can and can’t be?

Do you provide an on-site coordinator? What is their role?

Do you provide any assistance with set-up and tear down of my event?

Can we have either a DJ or a live band? Where?

Are their any noise regulations in this area?

Do you provide a sound system? Microphones?

Do you have a way to play videos?

Décor & Rentals:

What is included in our rental (glasses, linens, tables, plates, etc)? Can we see them?

*Sometimes linens are included but if they hideous or clash with your other decor, then maybe it’s worth it to rent something else.

Is there anything else (candle holders, centerpieces, etc) we can rent for an additional fee?

Is there any restriction on where and how we can hang things from the walls and or ceilings?

What décor is standard during the season we’re planning on having our event? Can we have it removed?

*Some venues will add their own décor especially during the holiday season

What is your policy on candles? Confetti? Sparklers?

Are there any décor restrictions?

Do you provide any signage to help direct guests?

Are there any heaters provided for outdoor spaces?

What does the lighting in the evening look like?

*Your visit will most likely be in the day, but you want to make sure things are appropriately lit once the sun goes down too!

The Spaces:

Can I see the available spaces for a ceremony? A reception? Cocktail hour?

Is there a getting ready space for both the bride and groom? Can I see them?

Is there a space in case of inclement weather?

How many bathrooms are there?

Is there on-site parking? Enough for all guests? Enough for vendors?

Is this venue accessible for people who wish to uber or lyft?

Is there a coat check?

What accommodations are near to this venue?

Is this site handicap accessible?

Get a copy of these questions to bring to your venue visit!

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