5 Sneaky Wedding Costs

1- Bridal Accessories

Brides typically anticipate a large price tag when they are looking at wedding dresses. What they sometimes don’t consider is all the other stuff they will be wearing on their wedding day. Veils, hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, and even Spanx should all be considered when setting your budget for your wedding day attire.

Anticipated Cost: $200+

2- Stamps

You’ve designed the perfect invitation suites and now you just need to send them out. Expect a pretty big bill at the post office. Postage costs vary depending on the weight and size of your invitation but costs start at about a dollar an envelope. Don’t forget to also consider the postage for your save-the-dates and thank you notes when budgeting for this cost.

Anticipated Cost: $3-$8 per guest

3- Rehearsal Dinner

Traditionally, this cost is paid for by the groom’s family, but if you’ll be footing the bill for this aspect of the weekend, you’ll definitely want to budget for this little party the night before your wedding. Costs may include things like space rental, meals for everyone in attendance, and some minor decor items.

Anticipated Cost: $500+

4- Ice

This point is especially relevant if you are doing a DIY bar, but will play a factor in beverage costs no matter how your bar is set-up. When you are budgeting for your bar make sure ice is included in the costs. Ice isn’t particularly expensive, but you’ll need a lot of it. The average estimate for the amount of ice you’ll need is 1.5 pounds of ice per person (and plan on doubling that if you're having an outdoor summer wedding).

Anticipated Cost: $25+

5- Emergency Funds

At almost every wedding something goes wrong, sometimes it's something small like candles refusing to stay lit on a windy day, other times it's a bigger deal like the shuttle leaving your ceremony site without the bridal party. It's best to budget a little extra (like 5% of your overall budget) for these last-minute emergencies, so you have some extra cash to send your cousin to buy more lighters or enough money for 3 ubers to get everyone to the reception.

Anticipated Cost: $500+ (5% of total wedding budget)