April Favorites

April certainly has been a strange month. Like the rest of the US, I spent most of this month inside my house. Because of the current situation, my list of favorites is a little shorter this month. It is full of things that are making my current home-bound situation a little more joyful and cozy.

1. Harry Styles

I would be remiss to not open this month’s favorites with this guy. I was never a One Direction fan and although I liked "Sign of the Times" (the lead single from Harry’s last album), I’ve never listened beyond that one song. But then, I just so happened to be reading The Idea of You, shortly after Harry’s new album Watermelon Sugar came out and decided it would be the perfect soundtrack for reading that book. For those of you who may not listen to the Bad on Paper Podcast (one of February’s favorites), The Idea of You is basically about an adult mom falling in love with a member of a fictional boy band (thinly veiled Harry Styles). But my favorite from this month isn’t that book (although it would be the perfect cheesy quarantine read), it’s Harry Styles solo music. I haven’t stopped listening! Every evening as I snuggle into bed with my cheesy teen romance (my quarantine genre of choice), I turn on some Harry Styles and it is delightful!

2. Favorite Old Navy Leggings

I have been living these Old Navy leggings. Putting a pair of leggings on has been my version of getting dressed for the last 5 weeks (6 weeks? Who knows at this point). I feel a little more pulled together in them than sweatpants (and sometimes inspire a midday workout), but they are still comfy.

3. Red White & Royal Blue & I’ll Give you the Sun

As I mentioned early in this list, my favorite book genre this quarantine has been a good teen romance. It’s just so simple and cozy. I had 2 favorite books from this category this month the first being I’ll Give You the Sun, which isn’t entirely a romance, I would say it is more of a family drama. It’s the story of a set of twins who have grown apart and are learning to cope after their mother’s death. I loved the way it was written and fell in love with the characters. My next favorite from this month was Red, White, and Royal Blue, which is about what would happen if the President’s son fell in love with the Prince of England. It was just the coziest romance. I finished it in an evening. If you need a quarantine read, I love this list from Grace Atwood. I’ve read and loved most of her suggestions.

4. Ashley Long Shore Coloring Pages

I’ve been watching more TV than usual and I’m not great and just sitting there and watching. Normally I’d do some light computer work or scroll on my phone, but sometimes I need a break from screens. I have been doing a lot of colorings. Ashley Longshore is a modern pop artist (I LOVE her pieces) and she has been releasing coloring pages every week of important people. I love them!

5. Quibi (particularly the show I Promise)

I got so many ads for this new streaming service in the weeks leading up to it’s launch earlier this month, that I had to cave and test it out during the 90-day free trial. The premise of the platform is that new episodes are released daily and all clock in at under 10 minutes. It’s kind of a weird format and I’m not sure I’m completely sold on it, but there are some really excellent shows. My over-all favorite is I Promise, which follows several third graders from Lebron James’s school throughout their school year. The school is a public school that focuses particularly on students who are at risk of not graduating. These students have incredibly difficult home lives and challenges but are just the sweetest kids. It’s like that Netflix show Cheer if instead of cheerleaders they were third graders and instead of Daytona, there’s an end of the year standardized test.

Other honorable mentions from Quibi are Dummy with Anna Kendrick, Flipped which is like if Chip and Jojo were mixed with Tiger King and then kidnapped by a drug cartel, and The Shape of Pasta, which is about this guy who learns how to make unique pasta shapes from old Italian grandmas (if you liked Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, you’ll love this).

6. French Chateau remodels

If you would have asked me a week ago if I wanted to remodel French Chateaus, I would have been confused by the question, now I can think of nothing I want to do more. I stumbled across The Chateau Diaries on Youtube and watched so many of her videos. I just have to figure out how to get a couple million dollars and I’ll be in the French countryside faster than you can say vintage chinoiserie wallpaper.

7. Sourdough Bagels

I’ve had my sourdough starter for like 9 months at this point (a true sourdough hipster) and I’ve perfected my bagel recipe. It’s easier than you might think and has been the perfect carby pick-me-up during these Corona times. This is the recipe I use, although I have made some adjustments.

8. Tik Tok

My 21-year-old sister is home from college (due to Corona) and is a huge fan of Tik Tok, I finally caved and downloaded the app. The algorithm is really good and you can keep scrolling forever. The videos are short and silly and I have found it to be a great break from the serious tone that Instagram seems to have. I’m personally a big fan of the dogs of Tik Tok and a good meme video.


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