Birthday in a Box!

I love birthdays! I love my birthday and I love other people's birthdays. Maybe it's because my love language is gifts, but there is nothing better than celebrating one individual person. I know some people aren't big birthday people, but I can't get enough of cheesy birthday cards, balloons, and birthday cake.

Birthdays are easy enough to celebrate when you are living near the people you are celebrating with, but they become tricky with long distance besties. I love the idea of sending a sweet birthday party in a box, so they can get a little bit of classic birthday celebration.

So what goes in my birthday box?

Balloons: I love including balloons because they are such a classic birthday item. For this box I used regular balloons, but I wrote little messages each on the balloons. To do this you inflate (don't tie a knot) the balloon fully and then take a sharpie and write a little message. You can then let all the air out the balloon and when the your recipient receives the balloon and inflates them, the message will be ready for them.

Candle (or other little gift): While most of these items are just little birthday treats, I do like to include one "real" gift. In this case it was a candle, but I also love including a bath bomb or any other small gift that they can use beyond their birthday.

Sprinkles & Birthday Candles: I've found that baked good just don't travel well. Instead I give them the tools to make any dessert a birthday cake. With these two items they can transform anything into something special for their birthday.

Mini Champagne Bottle: Let me start with a disclaimer, send alcohol in the mail at your own risk. It is illegal to send alcohol in USPS mail. Fedex and UPS have slightly less stringent alcohol rules, but do your research to figure out the best way to send alcohol. However, I think including a mini bottle of champagne (or whatever their favorite is) is such a sweet way to make sure they get a little party on their birthday, even if its in their PJs at home.