Bride-to-Be Gift Guide

You already know that you are going to get the couple the cutest cheese board off their registry for their wedding and get the bride-to-be something fun, but still sexy for her shower. These gifts are not to replace those gifts, but just something a little extra fun to celebrate your newly engaged friend.

Dat Ring Tho Card: Sure your bestie getting married is exciting, but let’s talk about what’s really important…

Love Trinket Tray: There are a couple cute trinket trays on this list (and probably a million more out there). These little trays are important for your newly engaged friend to keep her ring looking shiny and also not lost. She’ll need one for her bedside table, her bathroom sink, her kitchen sink, and maybe even one for her desk at work. Seriously these trays come in clutch.

Weirdly Perfect Card: Another cute, but not super cheesy card. The best gift you can give the newly engaged couple is your congrats and well wishes! Trust us, they treasure a sweet card more than another set of Mr. & Mrs. wine glasses (although those are fun too).

Acrylic Clutch: This clear acrylic clutch with her new last name is a fun way for her to celebrate her impending marriage. It’ll be perfect for all those pre-wedding festivities.

Bridal Sashes: These are perfect any pre-wedding gathering! I love these bridal sashes because they are pretty and festive without being too over the top. I mean they’re as subtle as a satin sash could ever be.

Matchbook: This matchbook would be the perfect addition to a candle or another gift. The front says you’re a perfect match. Who doesn’t love a good pun or a themed matchbook.

His & Hers Luggage Tags: I love this matching luggage tag set. A great gift if the couple is planning on having a destination wedding or if you know they’re already planning a killer honeymoon.

Bridal Bangle: While I’m all for being as obnoxious as you feel comfortable with, but this bangle is a sweet way for your friend to wear her bride-to-be status without needing to bring her “Does this ring make me look engaged?” coffee mug with her everywhere.

Mr. & Mrs. Trinket Tray: I already professed my love for trinket trays and I couldn’t help but add this one. The blush pink and the ampersand... I won’t apologize.