Corona Virus Wedding Alternatives

COVID-19 has certainly shook up the wedding world, canceling events across the entire country. While your original plans may have been dashed, here are a few ways you can celebrate your wedding in the midst of a global pandemic. This list doesn’t include every option, and many of these options can be mixed to create the perfect event for you, but I hope it give you a place to start. Not sure which will be best for you? Check out the quiz at the end of the post!

Micro Wedding: A micro wedding will probably look the most traditional of any of the options on this list. The only thing that differentiates this wedding from a regular wedding is its size. A micro wedding typically means anything with less than 50 guests. Even as states reopen and venues are open again, many states will continue to have regulations about the size of gatherings and some venues are reducing overall capacities to assist in social distancing. This might be a great alternative for you if you feel comfortable with a smaller guest list, but want to embrace many of the traditional aspects of your wedding.

There are a couple negatives about this plan. It is still a social gathering, so people in a high-risk group for COVID-19 may not feel comfortable or safe attending a gathering, even if it is on the smaller side. There is also a possibility that social distancing regulations in your state may not allow for your celebration.

Digital Wedding: A digital wedding can take many forms, but typically your guest will not join you in person, but tune in to a live stream of your wedding. There are a multitude of ways you can accomplish this, whether you want to go high end and hire a professional live streaming company or just want to invite everyone to a Zoom call.

The biggest pro of live streaming your wedding is no one needs to travel and it pretty much eliminates any risk for your guests. It’s a way to get married in a timely fashion while still including lots of your friends and family. However, a Zoom call just isn’t the same as being in the same place as all you friends and family. For some, the desire for personal connection outweighs the need to have a wedding now.

Car Wedding: Car weddings are a trend I’ve been seeing popping up everywhere over social media. The idea being that instead of guests sitting in chairs or pews to watch your ceremony, guests stay in their car. This can be a great option if most of your guests are local, because everyone gets to celebrate together in person without any risks. Of course, you probably wouldn’t be able to have a traditional reception, but who says you couldn’t have a couple of songs of some car dancing.

Eloping: If you are okay with skipping out on the guestlist entirely, consider eloping. Even before Corona, the number of elopements was rising with more couples wanting to skip out on the stress and expense of wedding plan. All you need is an officiant (and in some states, including Colorado, you can act as your own officiant). I’d recommend working with photographer as well, so you have photos to share with family and friends and to remember your day by. The only downside to eloping is missing out on having guests, but if that isn’t a deal-breaker for you eloping might be a perfect choice.

Split Ceremony & Reception: One way to get the best of both worlds is to split your ceremony and reception. So you’ll have a small ceremony now (whether that is a mountain top elopement, a courthouse wedding, or a living room ceremony with your parents), and then follow it up with a larger reception once this Corona craziness has passed. People worry that having the actual ceremony part of the wedding happen before the reception will somehow take the magic out of the reception, but in my experience, guests are just as happy to celebrate with you months later as they are hours after a ceremony.

Postponed: Postponing your wedding is probably the thing that I’ve seen couples do most frequently. If you are okay delaying your wedding until things are under control than postponing might be the best choice for you. This option allows you to make the fewest alterations to your original wedding plans. The biggest downside is you’ll have to wait a while to get married, but I’m sure your friends and family will be even more excited to celebrate with you when the time comes.