DIY Fall Waffle Pops

Waffle pops are the latest Instagram food trend. Who wouldn’t love a waffle covered in every imaginable treat? While these overloaded treats may look extravagant, they are actually pretty easy to assemble and would be the perfect dessert for your next fall gathering. Start with a batch of your favorite waffle batter. You’ll need to add some extra ingredients depending on the type of waffle you are making. Cook your waffles for an extra minute or two because you want a pretty crispy waffle so it doesn’t flop around on the stick.

Immediately after removing your waffles from the iron, place a popsicle stick in them. If your waffle maker has sections as mine did, I skewered each section individually, so the pieces would be a little more structurally stable. Make sure to stick your popsicle sticks in your waffles while they are warm, to prevent excess crumbling. Set your waffles aside and let them cool on a cooling rack while you finishing cooking all the waffles and prepping the ingredients.

S’mores For a s’mores waffle, start by adding a little cinnamon and some finely crushed graham cracker crumbs to your batter. Once your waffle is completely cooled, top with marshmallow fluff, melted chocolate drizzle, and larger graham cracker pieces.

Caramel Apple For the caramel apple waffle, you can use a plain waffle or add just a little bit of cinnamon. For the topping, first spread a caramel sauce over the waffle (make sure to select a recipe that doesn’t completely harden, I used this recipe), then top with super thinly sliced apple pieces, finally I drizzled mine with a bit of melted white chocolate and a few graham cracker crumbs.

Pumpkin Spice The pumpkin spice waffle has the biggest adjustment to the batter. You’ll want to add pumpkin in place of the oil in the batter. In addition to the pumpkin in the batter, I also added 2 teaspoons of pumpkin spice to the batter. Once the waffle is cooled, I topped this waffle with a white chocolate drizzle with pecans and another sprinkle of pumpkin spice. `


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