Doorbell Ditch Gift Baskets

Gift-giving is my love language (which may be one of the main reasons why I share so many gift ideas here), so my immediate response when someone is celebrating something is to figure out what to get them. In the current times when people can’t celebrate in person, I think gift-giving is even more essential. These gifts are designed to be put into a basket and left on the doorstep of the person celebrating, the best version of doorbell ditch. I also think they would work well as gift packages if you don’t live close enough to drive. Feel free to mix match and make it your own, but here’s a starting place.

Balloons- I think topping the basket with a couple of balloons immediately adds a bit more of a festive feel. I love the classic number balloons (as seen on every Instagram influencer’s page when they hit a follower milestone), but I also love this confetti balloon.

Sprinkles- I’ve avoided adding any homemade food products (because germs), so in lieu of a cake, I’ve just included a fun bottle of sprinkles, so they can add some birthday magic to the treat of their choice. This website has the most beautiful sprinkle blends.

A bottle of their favorite drink- Perhaps the most important item in this basket. I went with a bottle of Prosecco (I’ve never met a bottle of sparkling wine I didn’t like), but you should sub in your bestie’s favorite.

Confetti cup- These packages are all about spreading a little joy, and what is more joyful than a cup made of confetti.

Candle- While you could certainly go the birthday candle route, I think this candle is a little more elevated and something that they will continue to use even after their birthday has passed.

Flowers- Adding flowers (even if they are just a bouquet of Trader Joe’s blooms) is such a great way to add life into their homes, where they are probably spending the majority of their time. These flowers are from Urban Stems.

Sweatshirt- I love this sweatshirt from Bando and if they are anything like me sweatshirts are a quarantine (and always) essential.

Custom stationery- As a stationery lover, I think this is always a good gift, but especially so for recent graduates who will soon be writing lots of thank you notes. This set is from Papier.

Graduation headband- While it’s terrible that most student’s graduations are canceled, I love that this headband has a sense of humor about the situation.

Rising Strong- This is my favorite Brene Brown book (and also the one I read after my own graduation). It’s about recovering from failure and all the other Brene Brown goodness about vulnerability and braving. It’s my go-to gift for graduations, 20th birthdays, etc.

Defining Decade- This book talks about the importance of your 20s and what you should do to make the most of this decade in order to set you up for the rest of your life.

Bottle of Champagne- They deserve a bottle of bubbly for all their hard work!

Leather Tote- A classic simple leather tote makes the perfect gift for the new grad. It’s great for carrying all their things (once they can finally leave the house again). Bonus points if it’s monogrammed.

House Plant- Get them a house plant, so they can check one thing off their adulting checklist, keeping a plant alive (I’m still working on this one).

A cute mug- Mugs are simple gifts that can be personalized to fit the recipient. I’m in love with this mug from Etsy!

Slippers- I know I’ve been living in my slippers the past few months (what are real shoes again?) and these star printed slippers are too cute.

Bath bomb- A bath bomb from Lush is always a good idea, but a warm bath is particularly cozy when you’ve been feeling under the weather.

Local honey- Local honey is great not only because it tastes amazing, but also because it can help with your allergies. This honey is aged in whiskey barrels for a unique taste!

Moisturizer- A luxurious body is one of my favorite gifts to give because it is something people don’t typically buy for themselves, but something that is such a nice treat. I love this whole line, but the vanilla scent is divine.

Tea- When I’m not feeling well, tea and honey is my go-to drink. This blend is caffeine-free so they can enjoy it all day without it affecting their sleep.

Blanket- I own multiple of this specific blanket and it is my favorite! It is incredibly soft and so cozy.

Swaddling blanket- Let’s start this basket off with a little something for the baby. This swaddle has the sweetest Harry Potter print.

Grub Hub (or similar meal delivery) gift card- While it is always a good gift for new parents, it is especially so during these times. With the addition of a new baby, it can be difficult to feed yourself, a gift card that can be used for delivery at their favorite restaurant will be much appreciated.

Audible gift card- I think Audible is an excellent gift for new parents. They will be spending lots of hours feeding the new baby, this way they can multitask and listen to a new book at the same time.

Coffee- The new parents will probably be running on a little less sleep than usual, so caffeine is a must. Pick up a bag from their favorite (or your favorite) local coffee shop.

Shower steamers- While a bath might not be a luxury they have time for a moment, these shower steamers turn their shower into a more relaxing and luxurious experience.

Scrunchies- Once their babies start grabbing, their hair is the last thing you want them to reach for. These scrunchies keep your hair out of reach while being gentle on your hair and looking pretty cute.

Cute water bottle- Got to stay hydrated! Get the new mom a water bottle she can keep on her bedside table, so she can always have water on hand.

Candy- Pick up their favorite candy. Champagne gummy bears are one of my favorites!

A plant- This kit allows you to grow your own aloe plant. Maybe gardening will become their quarantine hobby.

Tie-Dye kit- I may have missed the memo, but as soon as quarantine started everyone seemed to be wearing tie-dye! Pick them up a kit that will allow them to tie-dye to their heart’s content.

Face mask- Remember back when someone said face mask, we’d think of something of a green mud mask. Treat your friend to a little spa day at home with a hydrating face mask to help combat perpetually dry indoor air.

The other type of face mask- This variety of face mask looks to be hanging out in our lives for the next little while, so treat them to a cuter version. I am in LOVE with this lip face mask (I may need to get one for myself).

Mad Libs- Picking up a game is a great way to brighten someone’s day. I love Mad Libs (especially for those who are quarantining along) and who wouldn’t love this Ru Paul version.

A coloring book- Coloring is an easy quarantine hobby to pick-up and Bob Ross immediately makes almost everyone calm down.


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