Enneagram 5: Gift Guide

Fives are most commonly known as the Observer or the Thinker. They spend most of their time in their head thinking and learning about the world around them. They typically abhor small talk and tend to be quieter especially in larger groups, but get them started on something they are interested in and they’ll chat with you all day.

Homebody Tee: Because fives need a lot of quiet time to think and process, they tend to be homebodies. This tee will serve as the perfect notice that they’d rather be at home…

Guide to Peace & Quiet: The perfect day for a five would probably involve a lot of sitting around and thinking about stuff. This book is the guide to the best places to do just that.

10 Things You Might Not Know about Nearly Everything: The dream of the five is to know all the things, this book will get them one step closer.

Thinking > Talking Mug: This mug sums up one of the core beliefs of the five: thinking is better than talking (especially before coffee).

Library Candle: Beauty and the Beast’s Belle was probably a five. She wasn’t really into talking with the people of the town and she definitely had a thing for libraries.

Composition Notebook Tote: A composition book tote to carry all their other books around.

One Question A Day Journal: Fives aren’t always great at being in touch with their feelings, this easy journal give them a way to think about themselves and gather data as they work through the same prompts for five years.

Table Topics Cubes: Fives don’t hate people; they hate boring conversations. These cubes are filled with questions to get a table talking about something more exciting than the weather.


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