Enneagram 6: Gift Guide

Llama Notecard Set: Distance is no hindrance to a 6’s friendship. Your long distance BFF will appreciate this stationery set, so you all can be pen pals. They strongly believe in the “forever” part of BFF.

Anxiety Necklace: While not every 6 struggles with anxiety, lots of 6s do! We love this necklace from Bando because it’s is a great way to erase the stigma and embrace conversations around mental health.

Thelma & Louise Pins: Your friendship is iconic and deserves to be celebrated as such!

Sloth Diffuser: Give your favorite 6 a way to help reduce their anxiety by giving them an oil diffuser. Diffusing a calming oil like lavender will help them find that Zen state of mind without the risk of a house fire from a candle.

Mini-mergence kit: While this mini kit certainly won’t save her in the event of a natural disaster, it will give her some peace of mind to know that she will be ready to fight any mico-emergency that comes her way.

Weighted Blanket: 6s tend to be worriers! This mini weighted blanket is the perfect size to sit on their lap and has been proven to reduce anxiety.

Seems Risky Mug: This coffee mug is perfect for every 6 out there (the other side says I’m a 6). This mug is the perfect response to any rule breaking activity with no words necessary.

Best Friends Shirts: Perhaps the best quality of a 6 is there friendship and loyalty. Celebrate their best friend status with matching tee shirts. Are these shirts cheesy? Yes. Do we love them anyway? Yes.

Survival Guide: 6s with 5s wings will especially appreciate this survival guide that will give them everything they need to survive almost any situation. Knowledge is power!


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