Enneagram 7: Gift Guide

7s are often called the enthusiast. They are the life of the party and bring fun with them wherever they go. They’re the friend who is always up for whatever adventure the day throws at them. Here are some gift ideas for your favorite 7s.

Exploding Kitten- This game is a 7s dream! The rules are a little ridiculous with lots of different ways to play. Honestly, the game is very silly, but that’s why it’s fun.

Gotta Have it Wallet- 7s are certainly not know for their excellent self-control. This wallet is a cheeky reminder of their “gotta have it all” attitude.

Feeling Great Sweatshirt- This sweatshirt embodies the ideal mental state of a 7.

Llama Pool Float- This pool float is another silly gift, but who better to appreciate the joy of a llama pool float than a 7.

I Am Type 7 Poster- This poster highlights some of the best qualities of 7s!

Birchbox Subscription- I love gifting my favorite 7s with a subscription box, so that they continue to get a little something new every month!

Candy Box- This cute candy box comes with a little tastes of multiple candies, so they don’t have to pick a favorite, they can try them all!

Rainbow Tumbler- We love this fun striped tumbler. It’s the perfect gift for joyful 7s in your life.

Mini Drink Dispenser- The 7s in our lives are the queens of water cooler conversations, this mini water cooler allows her to bring the party straight to her desk.