Enneagram Gift Guide: Fours

Fours are typically referred to as the individualist. Their biggest point of pride is their uniqueness. They feel things deeply and can get a little isolationist because they feel like no one truly understands them. They tend to be artists and their unique perspective on the world allows them to be pretty creative! Here are some gift ideas for all the 4s in your life:

Self-Care Journal- 4s have an active inner life, so this journal should help them release some of their inner chaos and feelings.

Color-Me Calm- 4s are innately artistic and creative. This coloring book gives them an easy creative outlet. Bonus, this coloring book is specially designed to help create a calm mind!

It’s Ok to Feel Things Deeply- A perfect reminder for those 4s!

Rose Quartz Necklace- This necklace is not only super pretty, but also rose quartz is supposed help clarify our hearts and attract love, which is something most 4s are looking for!

Dreamy Bath Salts- You may be sensing a theme here! Self-care is important for everyone, but 4s really enjoy that time to think through all their feelings. Give your favorite 4 the dreamiest bath for them to explore their dreams.

Sage Bundle- This bundle is a perfect for the 4 in a new space. Whether she just moved apartments or just changed jobs. This is the perfect gift to make get this space ready for something new.

Crystal Water Bottle- Another crystal? Sorry not sorry! This water bottle has a smoky quartz crystal, which is supposed to filter out bad vibes.

Je Suis Original- I’m in love with this tank. This is the motto of almost ever 4 plain and simple. (Also am I the only one getting some Taylor Swift vibes…?)


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