Enneagram Gift Guide: Type 9s

We are reaching the end of the enneagram gift guide series. For our final gift guide we will be sharing some gifts for our favorite enneagram 9s. 9s are sometimes called the crown of the enneagram, not only because of there placement on top of the chart, but because they contain a little bit of all the other types. However, they are better known as the peacemaker, because they strive to create inner peace and outer peace.

Little Book of Crystals- This gift is perfect for the 9 who wants to dip her toes into the world of crystals. This book should be the perfect starting place to help her be a little more in harmony with the universe.

Braving the Wilderness- It’s no secret that I adore Brene Brown (she’s made an appearance in many gift guides). This book focuses on how to be a good steward for communities and how to handle conflict and disagreement with courage and compassion. It’s a perfect book for everyone, but especially so for the 9s who can be a bit conflict adverse.

Choose Peace Necklace- We love this little reminder that peace is a choice!

Sleep Mask and Roller Set- What’s more peaceful than a good night’s rest?

Robe- One of 9s vices is a bit of laziness. This robe is the perfect excuse to get cozy and laze about for a bit.

Lazy Sunday Candle- Speaking of laziness, who doesn’t love a slow weekend morning. This candle gives you the opportunity to bring that vibe into the rest of the week.

Peace Sign Wall Hanger- This gift is a little silly, but a great reminder for everyone who enters is a conflict free zone.

Sleeping at Last Lyrics- If you haven’t already, immediately go listen to Sleeping at Last’s Enneagram series. The songs beautifully encapsulate what it means to be each type. This wall hanging serves as a great reminder that there are some things worth fighting for.

The Universe Sweatshirt- Not to brag, but 9s tend to be the type most in harmony with the universe. It must be their go with the flow vibe.


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