Father's Day Gift Guide

I love my dad, but like most dads, he is notoriously difficult to shop for. Honestly, shopping for boys can just be difficult in general. I don’t understand why they can’t appreciate a good Anthropologie candle like the rest of us. I did find a few things that I thought dads might enjoy that go beyond the basic tie.

1- Coffee Around the World Set- This coffee set (conveniently on Amazon Prime for you last minute shoppers) is perfect for the dad that loves coffee. If your dad is anything like mine, he already has enough #1 Dad mugs to last a lifetime, so this will give him something to fill it with.

2- BBQ Sauce Set- I don’t know if there is anything more classically Dad than grilling. This set includes 6 sauces so your dad can set an elaborate taste test like he’s hosting the next Food Network hit show.

3- From Crook to Cook- Snoop Dog’s cookbook is just corny enough to be the perfect dad gift. It might have some good recipes, if not it’ll be a great conversation starter on the fascinating friendship between Snoop and Martha Stewart.

4-National Parks Hydroflask- Who doesn’t love nature? Your dad can now rep his favorite national park as he drinks ice-cold water, what could be better than that.

5- Iron Man Socks- Fun socks are a classic dude gift for a reason. Even the most serious of professionals like to have a little fun on their feet. If your dad is more of a Captain America fan, never fear there are a few options for heroes.

6-A Family Portrait- For a sweeter Father’s Day gift turn to Etsy for a custom family portrait. There are a ton of different styles depending on your personal taste. Just don’t forget the dog, you know your dad loves him the most.

7-Dad Dad Dad Card- What you say into your phone anytime your car does anything weird.

8- Grill Monograms- Another grilling item! These allow your dad to monogram just about anything from the meat on the grill to a wood cutting board. We love a dad who loves a monogram.

9-Star Wars Popsicle Molds- Perfect for the dad who says “Luke, I am your father,” way too often.

10-Stadium Wall Art- This 3D stadium is perfect for any sports fan. They have NBA, NFL, and MLB (as well as a few college stadiums). It’ll look perfect in your dad’s office.


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