Gift for Teachers (& Parents!) for Back to School

Well, it’s back to school time. It’s certainly a strange year to be headed back to school, whether that means you are actually headed back into the classroom or virtual learning, this year isn’t typical for anyone! I rounded up some of my favorite gifts for teachers, perfect for classroom teachers and parents everywhere!

Hand Sanitizer Spray- While Bath & Body Works’ hand sanitizer is a classic teacher gift, it will be appreciated more than ever!

Power Bank- With teachers doing more virtual work this year, their phones are probably getting a lot more use. Whether they are filming a lesson or answering emails, this external power bank will help them keep working without having to stop and recharge!

Fight Evil, Read Books Tee- I can’t help but love the message behind this book.

Clean Hands Club Sweatshirt- The reminder everyone needs these days!

American Summer- While our summer didn’t look quite the same as usual this year, everyone is hopeful next summer will be better. Keep hope alive with this summer scented candle.

Winc- Maybe this gift isn’t quite school-appropriate, but we are pretty sure that everyone is going to need a couple of glasses of wine to get through this school year.

Cute Masks- Cute masks are a must for everyone (duh!), but I feel like teachers need especially need a few extra cute ones to keep in their classroom. (You know, like in case someone directly sneezes on their face. This really happens, like more than you would think.)

Glam Glow Mask- One of the less ideal aspects of wearing a mask, is mascne (pimples from wearing a mask). There is just a lot of humid air and bacteria trapped on your face (that’s kind of the point), so breakouts are significantly more likely to happen. Help them out with this clay mask!

Keyboard Cover- I think a keyboard cover is particularly important now because it allows you to keep everything clean and sanitary!


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