Gift Guide for Enneagram 8s

8s (especially female-8s) are sometimes a misunderstood bunch. They are straight forward and and sometimes a little aggressive, but they also fight for justice and make fierce friends. Who wouldn't want someone like that on their team.

Red is my Power Color Tee- An 8 won’t turn down any little extra thing that will make them feel a little more empowered in their life. They’ve got a power color and they aren’t afraid to use it.

She-Wolf Bracelet- This bracelet is a double gift. Of course your favorite 8 will love the reminder from one of the best Shakira songs to be embrace her inner she-wolf. Bonus, the proceeds from this bracelet also go to benefit the protection of endangered wolves.

Boxing Glove Necklace- 8s are fighters and we’re always glad to have them on our team. Female 8s are often seen as too aggressive, but we love our assertive 8s and this boxing glove can serve as a reminder of that there is nothing wrong with a being a little aggressive.

Enneagram 8 Candle- This candle is the perfect thing to light to help decompress after a long day of fighting for the underdog.

Houndstooth Card Holder- This card holder is perfect for the 8 who is fighting her way to the top of the corporate ladder.

Your Heart is a Muscle Print- Sometimes the 8s in your life need a little reminder to lean into compassion, rather than just their instinct to fight.

Nars Red Lip- There are few things more powerful than a woman in a red lip and this shade, “dragon girl,” is a classic.

Boss Hair Clip- In case anyone is confused, this hair clip will help clarify the situation.

The Supremes Candle- Celebrate the ultimate powerful women with the women of the supreme court. We stan empowered women fighting for justice always and forever.


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