Grocery-Store Cake Makeover

While I love making a homemade cake, sometimes the time I just don’t have the time to set aside for all that baking, cooling, and frosting. I love the option of using a grocery store cake, but adding something a little extra in order to make it look special. Last week I decided to turn a grocery store cake from white with sprinkles into something shibori inspired. While my attempt to create sometime that mimicked the washed out geometric patterns failed, I did create something that evoked that an indigo tie-dye.

How to create this look

1. The first things you’ll need to do is remove the pre-existing frosting flourishes and sprinkles. The larger chunks of frosting should be pretty easy to scrap off of your cake. While I tried to scrap off as many sprinkles as possible, there were certainly some remaining on the cake. We’ll cover them with frosting in the next step.

2. Next give your cake a quick coat of white frosting on any spots where you can see cake. Make sure to get white icing, not vanilla. Vanilla icing tends to have a yellow tone that won’t match the icing that is already on the cake. Don’t worry too much about getting crumbs in the icing, we’ll cover everything again.

3. Next I dyed a small bowl of icing a deep blue color. I use quite a bit of blue icing and a drop of black. Because I did decide to go with such deep color, it did stain people’s mouth just a bit. You could get a similar affect with a lighter color, if you want to avoid the possibility of staining.

4. Then I took some of that deep blue frosting and spread it in a few staggered lines about the thickness of a butter knife on the top of the cake. Make sure all your lines are going the same direction. I did a similar thing on the sides of the cake, this time adding lines that were horizontal instead of vertical.

5. In order to achieve a softer look blend the blue stripes into the white frosting. Make sure to blend in the same direction of the stripes, so you still retain some of the white. I also added some more white and blue to the cake in order to even out the color as I went.


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