How to Design a Unique Wedding Cake with Lisa Herrera from A Cake Come True

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to talk with Lisa from A Cake Come True. Lisa makes beautiful and unique cakes that become a beautiful focal point of any wedding she is a part of. We chatted about some of the trends that she’s been seeing recently in wedding cakes and how a couple who wants an out of the box cake should go about working with a cake designer.

Photo by Autumn Cutaia

Every cake designer’s process looks a little different, but for Lisa, she recommends couples come in with an inspiration image or two. While she never does recreations of cakes, an image is a great starting point to help her understand what exactly you are looking for. Having an image or two allows her to see what styles you are immediately drawn to.

Beyond those initial inspiration images, another major aspect of designing a beautiful cake is considering the overall aesthetics of the wedding. One of the major goals of designing a wedding cake is creating something that makes sense with the rest of your wedding. A hotel ballroom creates a different atmosphere than a mountain lodge. Your cake should make sense with the rest of the wedding. Once all those elements are in place, Lisa works with you to create a sketch of your future cake.

One of the biggest things we talked about was the idea that it’s okay not to know what you want! You don’t need to have everything figured out before you meet with any of your wedding professionals. That’s why you hire people whose style you enjoy and matches what you envision for your wedding day. You should be able to trust these people to help guide you to something even better than anything you could have come up with independently.

A beautiful wedding cake is about creating a memory, not just a dessert! Wedding cakes are a long-standing tradition, by creating a cake that is unique to you as a couple you get to participate in that tradition, but also make it your own. Additionally, wedding cakes have a huge impact on your reception decor. It can be one of the biggest statement pieces that you bring into your venue, so you want it to truly represent you as a couple and what you want your wedding day to be!

If you are looking for a starting point for a unique cake, these are a few of the trends Lisa has been seeing.

Photography: Cake 1 (ACCT) // Cake 2 (ACCT) // Cake 3 (The Scobeys)

Metallics: Metallic details on cakes have been around for a while now, but Lisa has been noticing an uptick in non-traditional metallics. While there is still lots of gold and silver, we’ve also been seeing lots of copper, rose gold, and bronze. I love to see how different cakes incorporate metallics with other textures, such as the cake above with uses a copper tier and 2 concrete textured tiers. Metallics can be such a great way to add interest to a cake.

Photography: Cake 1 (Elevate Photography) // Cake 2 (Tamara Gruner Photography) //

Cake 3 (ACCT)

Geometric: Geometric shapes have certainly been making a bold appearance at a wedding over the last couple of years! I’ve seen more hexagon ceremony arches than I can count They are a unique statement to add to an element of a wedding that is traditionally more soft and delicate. I especially love seeing geometric elements with floral elements on a cake, as it provides a beautiful juxtaposition.

Photography: Cake 1 (ACCT) // Cake 2 (J and K Photography) // Cake 3 (ACCT)

Hand Painted: Hand painting can be a great way to customize your cake for you and your story. One of my favorite cakes from her Instagram, the cake above that has hand painted images of Denver landmarks (pictured above). Lisa explained to me that these places were all places that were important to the couple. What a special way to incorporate the couples' love story into their wedding!

(All the cakes featured in this post were from Lisa at A Cake Come True)