How to Make Your Home Smell Nice

We’re going to start from the assumption that your home doesn’t smell particularly bad, but just neutral. If your home is actually stinky, you should take some time to locate the stink and clean it, before you proceed.

In reality, the way I most frequently make my space smell nice is candles. Maybe this makes me a basic b, but my favorite candles are Bath & Body Works. They have the best quality at the price point I’m looking for. However, I’m willing to branch out for the right candle. These candles are my current favorites.

Capri Blue ($30)- Who doesn’t want their home to smell like an Anthropologie?

Vanilla Birch ($25)- Vanilla is typically a crowd pleaser and birch adds a nice woodsy note that prevents it from getting too sugary.

Portable Fireplace ($65)- I was given this candle for Christmas. It is the perfect cozy candle. It truly does smell just like a mountain cabin fireplace.

Leaves ($25)- There is a reason this a cult favorite. It smells like apples and spices and everything that is good and right with fall.

Bibliotheque ($85)- This candle is a bit outside my candle price range, but I’ve smelled it and it smells like everything you’ve imagined the perfect library would smell like.

Crisp Morning Air ($25)- I tend to lean towards a lot of apple scents because they are bright and warm at the same time and tend to be a pretty universally likable scent.

Sea Salt & Lavender ($8)- Target is definitely hit or miss when it comes to candles, but I’ve had pretty good luck with their Hearth & Hand collection.

If you’re living space doesn’t allow candles or if you just want your home to smell nice all the time without the fire hazard. I did want to include some of my favorite flame-less options.

Sandalwood Vanilla Wallflower ($13)- This scent from Bath & Body Works is my favorite smelling thing in the world. It smells cozy and not overwhelming.

Jo Malone Reed Diffuser in Pomegranate Noir ($98)- I don’t have this reed diffuser, but I’ve used this perfume in the past and it is delicious!

Mahogany Teakwood Room Spray ($8)- This smells like a good smelling boy. It’s pretty much the perfect smell for watching the Bachelor. Also it’s a room spray so you can get your smelling nice in seconds.

Voluspa Reed Diffuser ($32)- Again, this is another one I haven’t actually smelled, but I’m almost always a fan of Voluspa’s scents.

Capri Blue Room Spray ($24)- Again, your home can smell like an Anthropologie, but in a room spray.

If you are in a pinch, people are coming over in 30 minutes, you’re house is smelling a little stale and there isn’t a candle to be seen, you can always go the DIY route. One of the simplest ways to do this is to put a pot of stuff that smells nice together in a pot on the stove. You can go the citrus route for something bright and fresh or maybe apples and cinnamon for something a little cozier. This website has several great ideas.

My favorite way to make my house smell nice is to bake something! There is a reason realtors are notorious for baking cookies before an open house. Nothing smells better than something delicious in the oven. My favorites oven fragrances are some sort of brownie or homemade bread. Plus, you get a fresh baked goods out of the whole deal.


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