Mindhunter Inspired Gift Guide

Mindhunter is loosely based around the FBI’s Serial Crime Unit and follows Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they attempt to catch serial killers. It’s a small part of the true-crime genre that’s been gaining steam over the last several years. This gift guide is full of gifts for murderinos (aka people who love a good murder story).

The Husband Did it Tee ($24)- It is a truth universally acknowledged that a murdered woman in possession of a good fortune, was probably murdered by her husband.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark ($9)- This book chronicles the crimes of the Golden State Killer. It’s a page-turner made all the more compelling by the arrest of a suspect last April over 40 years after the first crime was committed.

Cereal Killer ($18)- Sometimes Mindhunter gets a little dark, this spoon adds a little levity back in the world of cereal killers.

Mysterium ($40)- A murder solving board game (like Clue but with ghosts)!

SSDGM Mug ($17)- If they love true crime beyond Mindhunter, they will have almost certainly listened to the podcast My Favorite Murder. This phrase is Georgia and Karen’s catchphrase and just some generally good advice.

Hunt a Killer Kit ($120)- Now they can take all those skills they learned watching Mindhunter and actually put them to use. The idea behind this kit is that they give you all the clues you need to solve a murder and you have to put together the pieces.

Mindhunter (The Book!) ($13)- Did you know Mindhunter was based on a book? I didn’t either, but here it is.

Basically a Detective Sticker ($7)- After finishing 2 seasons of Mindhunter, I’m basically a detective and I want everyone to know it.

Zodiac Print ($17)- While the Zodiac killer’s murders were too early to be directly covered on Mindhunter, there has been a subtle reference or two. This is an enlarged version of the Zodiac cipher. Who knows, maybe this is just what you need to crack the case.

Crime Shows Mat ($57)- This doormat states what we all know, unexpected visitors are most likely killers (or maybe our Amazon package).