My Birthday Wish List

It is my birthday on Monday. I truly love birthdays, my birthday, other people's birthday, I love them all! If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love a holiday or really any excuse to celebrate. And while most holidays are communal celebrations, I think it is so special to have a day that we celebrate an individual.

My love language is also gifts, so I love giving gifts and I honestly love receiving gifts. We need to de-stigmatize enjoying receiving a gift. Like I think culturally, we associate enjoying receiving gifts as greedy and materialistic, but I think that’s dumb. When you give someone a gift you hope they enjoy it, so why would encourage people to not want to receive. It’s honestly like my biggest pet peeve when someone is like “I love giving gifts, but I hate getting them.”

I find so much joy and gratitude in receiving a gift. It’s literally one of my favorite things and I refuse to be shamed for it.

Star Necklace: I love an everyday dainty necklace. I had a single pearl necklace that I wore for years, but somehow it got lost over the last year. I’m in the market for a replacement!

Vanilla Birch Candle: Haters gone hate, but I’m a Bath & Body Works candle girl. They are the best. I love so many of their scents (especially during fall), but I haven’t seen my favorite in a few years. Their Sandalwood Vanilla candle is the best smell on the planet, but this Vanilla Birch is the closest current scent.

Papier Stationery Set: I want pretty stationery to surround me at all times. I have been stalking the Papier website for months. I actually don’t need anything, but I want all the things, especially in this print!

Midnight Sun: This was actually my birthday present to myself this year. I was the biggest fan of Twilight when I was in high school, so I had to complete my set of Twilight books with the newest. Actively trying to not be embarrassed by this.

Headband: I’m all about a statement hair accessory. So glad they're on-trend right now. While this headband is like stupid expensive, I still love it and want it, so I can fulfill my Blair Waldorf dreams.

Statement Earrings: If I can’t have a statement headband, I’ll take a statement earring.

Pink Scallop Apple Watch Band: I got an Apple watch for Christmas and I love it and wear it almost every day, but I never upgraded the band. I am over the black band and would love something a little prettier.

Tie-Dye Sweatshirts: Like everyone else, I’m very into my loungewear these days. As the weather cools off (hopefully soon) I’m going to need to add a few more sweatshirts to my collection.

Rifle Paper Water Bottle: I love Rifle Paper Co. I think their prints are all so gorgeous! I’d love this water bottle, especially since my Lilly Pulitzer Swell bottle has taken a few too many tumbles and no longer stands up straight.

These Ugg Slippers- I think about these slippers at least once a week, but TBH $100 for a pair of slippers is not in the budget right now. I’m hopeful the birthday fairy will bring me some.


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