My Favorite Cookbooks to Give!

Even while a lot of the book industry is going digital, physical cookbooks are still on the rise! There is something nice about disconnecting from the digital world and cooking something out of a book. I think cookbooks also make great gifts! You don't have to be quite as in touch with someone's personal tastes as if you were getting them a novel, plus it's something they can revisit over and over again. I love adding a little something extra to the cookbook to make the perfect gift. While there are thousands of cookbooks out there, these are some of my favorites!

The Food Lab: This cookbook is more of a textbook. It's huge, but a great resource to understand the science behind some of your favorite dishes.

Instant Read Thermometer: A nice thermometer is a kitchen essential!

Franklin Barbecue: I will admit I haven't actually read this book, but I've heard great things. Don't tell my dad, but I think he'll be getting a copy for Christmas!

BBQ Sauce: A good BBQ sauce is always a welcome gift. While I haven't tried this one (you may recognize it from Queer Eye), it's supposed to be great!

The Clean Plate: Hate on Gwennie P. as much as you want, but her cookbooks have some great recipes.

Golden Milk Set: Adding anything from the Goop kitchen section would make this gift (I'm personally in LOVE with this blush pan set), but this golden milk set is more in my budget.

Half Baked Harvest: I love a good food blog and Half Baked Harvest is one my favorites!

Wooden Serving Boards: These are perfect for hosting or just taking the prettiest IG photo.

From Crook to Cook: There are very few things I love more in this life than Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's friendship, which was originally why I picked up this book. It's full of comforting and delicious classics.

CBD Face Oil: I love a CBD face oil (they're great for reducing redness).

Dessert Person: This cookbook isn't out yet, but I'm eagerly awaiting Claire's book! She's a host on Bon Appetite and a classically trained pastry chef.

Gourmet Makes Tee: If you're a fan of Bon Appetite and Claire's series Gourmet Makes, you're familiar with Claire's signature gray streak.

Tartine Bread: This book is on my wish list! I love the Tartine sourdough recipe. This cookbook is a really solid collection of bread recipes!

A Bread Lame: While certainly not necessary, any serious baker needs a bread lame to get a crisp and pretty top to their loaf.

Cravings: Hungry for More: Both of Chrissy Teigen's books are filled with delicious recipes. But this one (Hungry for More) contains the banana bread recipe. It's twitter famous for a reason, I highly recommend it.

Bundt Pan: Chrissy's banana bread requires a bundt pan, so adding a pretty one to the gift is a necessity.

Salt Fat Acid Heat: I like the rest of the world fell in love with Samin with her Netflix show. Her cookbook by the same name is equally delightful.

A Mortar and Pestle: This is essential in every kitchen, perfect for grinding up spices or just making the perfect guacamole.

Jubliee: This cookbook comes from the woman who wrote The Jemima Code and explores African American cooking and it's lack of representation in the larger food world. It's full of delicious recipes and important stories.

A bottle of McBride Sisters' wine: The McBride Sisters is an amazing winery owned by two black women.


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