My Favorite Guestbooks

White & Gold // Passport // Floral // Purple Water Color

Traditional Guest Books: While there has been a movement away from the traditional guestbook, there is still a place for a simple guest book to capture guest’s names and well wishes. There are certainly basic options, it is a good idea to spend a little extra to get a personalized guest book. You want something beautiful so you want to leave it somewhere accessible to look back at your memories for the years to come.

Question Cards // Date Ideas // Wooden Hearts // Well Wishes

Advice: While most guestbooks leave a little room for guests to add a personal note, sometimes providing an additional prompt helps guest to write something a little more substantial and personal. I love leaving these scattered throughout the reception tables (with pens!), so guests can take a little more time to write a more thoughtful response. Just make sure to gather them all at the end of the night and let the catering team know not to toss them!

Last Name // Globe // Mountains // Portrait

Art: One of my favorite guestbook styles that we’ve been seeing a lot recently is pieces of art or home decor that you have guests sign. I love this because you can easily display this is your home and always see it, rather than a traditional guest book that might get lost and forgotten on a shelf. There are tons of fantastic options depending on your personal home style. Make sure to provide plenty of sharpies, as the pens tend to dry up or disappear throughout the night.

Bible // Calendar // Jenga // Stones

Alternative: If you really want to think outside the box for your guest book, you may want to consider one of these alternative ideas. Almost anything can be your guestbook, as long as people can write on it. One idea I’ve seen online recently (although I’ve yet to see it at an actual wedding) is to get a bible and have your guests highlight a favorite their favorite verse. Another idea I love is having guest fill out their birthdays on a perpetual calendar. Not only would this be a great way to remember everyone from your wedding day, but also to have all their birthdays easily accessible.