My Favorite Summer Hostess Gift: Limoncello

My Favorite Summer Hostess Gifts Limoncello

It's finally feeling like summer and with this warmer weather! Summer means that weekend BBQ season. While I love bringing a bottle of wine in the winter, I like to bring something a little more bright and summery this time of year. My solution is a bottle of limoncello!

This sweet lemon liquor can be served either as a shot to sip or in a cocktail. It's pretty easy to make yourself. (Here is a great tutorial!) It takes a couple weeks to make, so I like to a make a big batch and then transfer to smaller bottles to gift. If you don't have time to make it, store bought is a great gift too, especially if you pick one in a cute bottle.

I like to gift mine with a little gift tag with a cocktail recipe on it! This is the cocktail recipe I used.


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