Our Favorite Wedding Stationery Trends of 2019

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Navy Monogram (Written Word Calligraphy) // Great Gatsby (Lucky Onion)

Gold Foil on Dark Paper

Gold foil certainly isn’t a new addition to the wedding world, but it is becoming a much more prevalent option. It can be used for basic lettering or as an embellishment to complement other design features. We love the dramatic contrast of gold foil on dark paper. No matter how you use gold foil, it is sure to add an element of glamour and elegance to any suite.

Green Floral (Underwood Letterpress) calligraphy by Anne Robin, photo by Natalie Whearley // Everlasting Eucalyptus (Paper Girl Designs) photo by Ashley Tiedgen Photography


While we haven’t entirely moved away from classic floral designs, we have been seeing more and more greenery featured on invitations. Whether the design focuses solely on leaves and branches like the Eucalyptus Suite from Paper Girl Design or embraces floral in green tones like Underwood Letterpress, we love invitations that embrace green.

Spring Florals (Platypus Paper) // Cuban Floral (Tasha Rae Designs)

Bright Watercolor Floral

We just mentioned the rise of the greenery, but that doesn’t mean floral designs have gone entirely by the wayside. We have been seeing more watercolor floral designs that have a more abstract and less structured feel. We love that these watercolors tend to embrace brighter hues rather than just pastels!

Map (Gus & Ruby) // Umbrella Couple (Studio Luzance) // Floral (Tasha Rae Design)

Red, White, and Blue

Overall, wedding stationery has moved passed from simple whites and creams and has embraced color! One of the biggest colors we’ve been seeing recently is a bold poppy red. This color is often paired with whites and blues to create a vintage Americana vibe.

Mile High City (Whimsy Design Studio) , photo by Selah Photography //

Wash Park (Whimsy Design Studio) , photo by  Sara Lynn Photography

Custom Maps

Custom stylized maps as additions to a wedding suite have been popping up over the last couple of years. Both of these maps are from a local Denver artist and stationer Whimsy Design Studio. While these maps main purpose isn’t giving directions, they do give out of town guests a feel for the city by highlighting key features and landmarks.

Vegas Suite (Tasha Rae Designs) // Ski Lift Ticket (Lucky Onion)

Destination Inspired

We are obsessed with these invitations that think outside the box. People have been moving away traditionally formatted invitations and selecting more custom pieces that embrace the atmosphere they are creating for their wedding day. We love that couples are choosing to embrace the spirit of their wedding destination. Wedding invitations are the first chance you get to introduce your guests to the personality of your wedding day. These invitations let your guests know to get excited to a wedding day full of fun.

Monogrammed Belly Band (Platypus Paper) // Pack Your Bag (Swell Press)

Laser Cut

Laser cutting details and inserts is a great way to add unique details and textures to any invitation. The process allows you to create cutouts of any shape on your invitation and can be used to create something akin to a paper snowflake with any design you please. We are completely in love with Swell Press’s “Pack your Bags” insert. It’s the perfect addition to destination wedding suite. We also love the ability to customize your monogram on the bellyband of Platypus Paper’s suite.