Party Theme Ideas: My Favorite Cities

When I say theme, many people immediately think back to the Spiderman or fairy princess party they had to celebrate their 6th birthday, but I don’t think themed parties are just for kids. A theme can be a great starting point for creating a party. It gives you a strong basis to work from and creates a unifying element for any gathering. What you want to avoid is popping into party city and just picking up a matching set of plates, napkins, and banners. Your theme should evoke colors and textures that create help you to create your decor, but don’t stop there. Your theme should be apparent in everything from the music to the atmosphere to the food.

Today, I’m sharing inspiration board for parties inspired by three of my favorite cities.

Nashville: If you search Nashville party on Pinterest, you will mostly get search results of bachelorette parties completed with glittery banners with cowboy boots mixed with penises. However, when I think of Nashville, I think of a classic southern city, home to country music and some amazing food.

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Decor: I wanted to bring a vintage country Americana vibe to this party without it feeling like a party celebrating the fourth of July. One of the first images I pulled for inspiration was the marquee lights of Biscuit Love. I would definitely want to pull in a marquee sign for my party to evoke that vintage show-business feel. A pattern that feels quintessentially southern is gingham. Instead of working with the classic red, I would use ginghams in pinks and blues to create a more feminine feeling (inspired by Draper James). Overall the color scheme would include lots of warm Reds and Pinks with accents of dustier Blues.

Where: I think this party would be best suited for an outdoor location. Overall, it would be a pretty casual party, so it would fit well in a backyard setting.

Food: Luckily the south has no shortage of delicious food. I would stick with good southern staples, like Mac and Cheese and hot chicken. I love the idea of adding a biscuit bar where guest could pick from a variety of toppings for their biscuit. For drinks, we would have sweet tea and lemonade, as well as some sort of whiskey cocktail.

Playlist: Women of Country

Paris: When I was a kid, several of my friends had Paris themed bedrooms. Which meant their room was hot pink with lots of black lace and far too many Eiffel towers to count. When I think of Paris now, I think of little cafes and gardens and the striking architecture. This Parisian party would be completely free of Eiffel towers.

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Decor: The first thing I think of when I think of Paris is a pastel color palette. In order to keep the color palette from going too baby shower, I like to select slightly more muted or dustier versions of the colors. In addition to a slight more mature color palette, it’s crucial to add lots of texture (through gold foil and light wood) and greenery. Also I think having lots of flowers makes an event like this feel much more elevated and classy.

Where: I envision this party to be smaller event with under 20 guests. If there were any cute cafes or bakeries in the area, they would be the perfect venue. If not the living room of your fanciest friend will work just as well.

Food: Rather than serving a full meal, I love the idea of continuing to embrace the Parisian café and serving a selection of treats. I think Macraoons are a must have, and also some crossiants and whatever your local french bakery has for the day. For drinks champagne cocktails (or even just glasses or champagne) are a must!

Playlist: Souvenirs

Rome: Rome is my favorite city in the world! I love the ancient ruins surrounded by bustling streets. Also the food is simply divine. I wanted to embrace the Italian sense of place and importance communal meals without falling into any Italian tropes.

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Decor: I think of the warm earth tones of all the building. We’ll be skipping out on the bright red and green of the Italian flag and instead embrace the warm earth tones of the building of Rome. To highlight the communal aspects of Roman dining, the main feature of this event will be a big farm table, where everyone can enjoy a meal together. Instead of flowers, we’ll add lots of greenery including a large table runner mixed with some candles.

Where: This party would center around a meal, so anywhere where you could fit a large table, would work. I love the idea of dining outside under a trellis, but a sizeable patio either at your home or a local restaurant would work as well.

Food: For the menu, I would go with a traditional Italian menu, which means several courses of food. Lots of pasta! Of course your meal should be paired with copious amounts of red wine. For a fun way to finish out the evening a Gelato Bar is a must have!

Playlist: This is Andrea Bocelli


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