S' mores Charcuterie Board

It’s officially summer today! To celebrate I decided to share a spin on a charcuterie board. Typically, charcuterie board are filled with meats and cheeses, but this version is a sweet twist.

This s’mores board is perfect for any summer evening gathering. I love ending summer evening with s’mores around the fire pit. A s'mores board elevates the typical s’mores to a bit of a moment and gives a little more variety and options than your typical s’mores. The board is completely customizable to you and your guests preferences.

What to include:

Marshmallows- The foundation of the s’more! I went with classic marshmallows, but you could mix it up with some fun flavors, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Chocolate- You can’t have a s’more without chocolate. The options here are pretty much endless! I went with a classic Hershey’s milk chocolate and a cookies and cream bar. You’ll want to stick with flat chocolate bars, so they’ll sandwich well. Reeses, caramel bars, and dark chocolate would all make fantastic options.

Cookies & Graham Crackers- For this category, I picked 3 options! I went with the classic honey graham cracker, as well as a chocolate version. For a fun wild card, I also got some store bought peanut butter cookies. You can really do almost any cookie! Just make sure it’s approximately the same size as your marshmallows. I’d also avoid cookies with chocolate on the outside since your marshmallow will be hot, everything may get melty, but you do you!

Fruit- As for fruit I only included raspberries and strawberries, but you could add your favorite fruits. The slightly tart berries add a nice contrast to the sweetness of the marshmallow and chocolate. Fruit makes a great addition to the board, but I especially think bananas would be amazing!

Fun Extras- The only exciting extra I included was red, white, and blue sprinkles. I love sprinkles, because they add a little color to the board. You can swap out the sprinkle blend to better fit your occasion. While I didn’t add any to my board, adding a little bowl with a spread like peanut butter or nutella, would be a great addition.