Steal Her Style: Jackie Oshry's Winter Wonderland Wedding

Steal her Style: Jackie Oshry-Weinreb Wedding (@jackieoproblems)

If you aren’t familiar with Jackie Oshry (and her husband Zach Weinreb) you are missing out! Jackie and her sister Claudia host the millennial morning show “The Morning Toast.” Every weekday morning the sister recap everything happening in pop culture from Bravo and the Bachelor to what Elon Musk is up to. I love Jackie’s feminine and fun style and her wedding didn’t disappoint!

Her Vendors:

Photo: Anthony Vazquez Photography

Venue: Pierre Hotel

Florals, Décor & Design: Birch Event Design

Wedding Planner: Michael Russo of Michael Russo Events

Furniture: Luxe Event Rentals

Cake: Lestis Cake

Floor Graphics: Bombshell Graphics

Napkins and Mints: By Invitation Only Designs

The Dresses:

Jackie wore 3 dresses over the course of her night. Her first dress was a tiered Carolina Herrera with lots of tulle and flowers on the bodice. She had some extra flowers from the bodice that she used as a hairpiece.

If you are looking for a similar style, ask your bridal consultant for a dress with a lot of volume in the skirt and some simple floral embellishments (here are some similar dresses: 1 // 2 // 3). As for the matching hairpiece, you should be able to achieve a similar style with a little help from your alteration team. More often than not your wedding dress will be taken in or shortened a bit. If you are removing any embellishments, whether it be a piece of lace or a couple of pieces of beading, ask to keep them, you can them turn them into a hairpiece following this tutorial.

Jackie’s second dress was a last minute addition to her wedding. She hadn’t planned on wearing 2 dresses, but stumbled across this dress while online shopping for another occasion. The biggest takeaway from this is don’t limit yourself to only shopping bridal, especially if you are interesting in a more non-traditional wedding gown. (Here are some similar dresses: 1 // 2 // 3 )

Jackie also wore a third dress for her after party. I didn’t include a picture, but it was a shorter cocktail length white dress. I definitely think having a shorter dress for later in the evening is a smart move if you plan on having an after party (or really want to be able to dance a lot at your reception), especially if you have a large gown.

The Ceremony:

I think the biggest wow-moment of the evening was the moment just before walking down the aisle. The venue their wedding was at didn’t have big doors or really anyway to hide Jackie before her walk down the aisle, so the team at Birch had Jackie stand behind a screen. This allowed for her silhouette to be seen through and build that moment of anticipation while she waited for the aisle to clear. It also allowed for the sweetest moment where Jackie gave a little wave to the crowd.

To create this same affect at your wedding, you will need an indoor fairly dimly lit ceremony space. If there is too much ambient light from the ceremony space you won’t see a crisp silhouette. You’ll also need a pretty strong light to backlight yourself to create that Project Runway moment. You should be able to rent a stage light to create this affect. As for the screen, you have 2 options you can either rent a rear projection screen or you can DIY your own.

Jackie and Zach are both Jewish and had a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. One aspect of this is the chuppah. Jackie’s chuppah was so stunning! It was a half dome covered in pink baby’s breath. It made for a magical reception backdrop!

Pink baby’s breath is really making a come back this year! It is fairly inexpensive, so you can get a lot of it to make a big impact. When it is densely packed like in Jackie’s chuppah, it makes a fluffy, almost cloud-like look. Even if you don’t want something quite as grand as Jackie’s chuppah, consider baby’s breath as a décor item. We also love the way it looks as a wedding arch (Mandy Moore's wedding is a great example of this).

The Reception:

The reception’s theme was a frozen winter wonderland. Jackie really embraced her winter wedding and included lots of metallic and crystal. Her centerpieces were lush, with lots of hanging florals and hanging crystal globes. She also alternated these with simpler tables with lower florals and crystal candlesticks. Alternating your table centerpieces can help to make your venue feel a little less crowded, especially if you are doing tall centerpieces like Jackie did.

One of the things that made the biggest impact on the vibe of her reception space was the lighting. All of the lighting was cool toned in purples and blues, which again added to the winter wonderland vibe of the evening. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of creating an atmosphere for your event. Make sure to see what your space will look like at night. Hiring someone who specializing in lighting can be a great addition to your vendor team!

Two of my favorite details from Jackie’s wedding were the cake and the neon sign. I love a wedding cake and this cake was just tremendous. It is a huge 7-tiered cake, with lots of floral details, however I think the fact it’s all white keeps it modern and fun. If you want to do a more elaborate cake, keeping it monochromatic and prevent it from feeling dated and stuffy.

My other favorite detail was the custom neon sign! Neon signs are a big trend in weddings lately and there is a good reason why. They create great moments for pictures and can be something to display in your home after the wedding. They do look best if they are hanging on a darker wall (like this green one). I love how Jackie added a floral arch above the neon. The pink flowers tied in the colors from her chuppah and created an even prettier moment.

All photos are from @jackieoproblems and Anthony Vazquez Photography