Stranger Things Inspired Gift Guide

Like most trends, the 80s have circled back around and a part of that particular decade’s rise was Stranger Things! This gift guide is my attempt to figure out what the cool kids like, but really it was just an exercise that showed how old and out of touch I am. These gifts live somewhere between 80s nostalgia and Instagram baddie (maybe?). I love Stranger Things, but I’m pretty certain Millie Bobby Brown, wouldn’t like any of these things

Scoops Ahoy Sweatshirt ($26)- This is the perfect gift for the Stranger Things fan who wants a slightly subtler nod to the show. If you’ve watched Stranger Things, you’ll clearly recognize the ice cream shop, but if not you might just think the sweatshirt is a product of a family vacation to Indiana. Now you’ll be ready to work alongside Steven and Robin. Hat not included.

Etch A Sketch ($22)- For all your illustration needs.

Roller Skates ($33)- The perfect mode of transportation to outrun government agencies or just for dates at the roller rink. I especially love the pineapple print.

80s Print Button Down ($33)- This shirt is a replica of the shirt that Eleven wears in season 3 of Stranger things. Is it ugly? Yes, but in a fun way.

Cassette Sticker ($2)- This cassette sticker is the perfect reference to The Clash or Stranger Things’ first season, depending on how you want to look at it. Get one sticker for your nephew’s hydroflask and another for your dad’s laptop.

Bucket Hat ($26)- Another round of is it trendy-ugly or just ugly? Don’t ask me. Bucket hats, in general, confuse me, but according to my Instagram feed they are popping right now.

Gucci Belt Bag ($790)- This is one of the biggest splurges of the gift guide series so far. Belt bags and fanny packs are back and better than ever. Gifting anything Gucci will almost certainly make you the coolest one at the Christmas party, although it will probably make your wallet a little lighter.

Nikes ($90)- These lie someone in the realm of dad-shoes, but I love the simple classic design. It’s timeless.

Polaroid ($100)- Maybe the best part of the 80s was the Polaroids. In a world where 99% of our photos never leave our phones, this is a great way to gift some tangible photos.


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