Taylor Swift Inspired Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

It's no secret that I'm a pretty big T-Swift fan. Her latest album has all the wedding vibes (and we love a good pastel moment) and I was inspired to embrace that for a bridesmaid proposal box. For the box itself, I love the idea of using a clear box. I found this shoebox to be the best size for the price. I immediately wanted to add a bit of a lover detail with a glitter vinyl "bridesmaid" sticker (I used the font "Charlotte").

For the gifts inside the box, I wanted to keep things very Taylor Swift inspired. The first addition was a bottle of pink glitter nail polish, very much in keeping with the Lover aesthetic. The next gift I included was the "Calm Down" sleep mask. Unfortunately, this seems to no longer be available on her merch website, but a this is a similar sleep mask from etsy. I had to include a champagne flute as a reference to her iconic line "A toast to my real friends." A mini bottle of champagne would be a fun alternative! For all the Starbucks lovers out there, we had to include a Starbucks gift card! Taylor Swift wouldn't be Taylor Swift without her red lip, so a tube of red lipstick is a must-have. Finally, I included some of the heart sunglasses, these are still available on Taylor's website, but also there may be a cheaper version from Amazon.

For each of these items, I would add a little heart shaped gift tag with some of Taylor's most iconic lines about friendship. I would fill this box with either tissue paper or the crinkle shred filler in the Lover pink. Finally, I also made little postcards for each of the girls with their names and the pastel cloud background (from the Lover countdown). On the other side is a bridesmaid-ified version of the bridge of Lover. (Here is the Canva link, if you want to edit the name).

Here are the PDFs!